WDW vs Paris (Possibly Part 1?)

Ah, the old debate. Which park is better? Some people say WDW, some people say Paris, some people say both. Honestly, at the end of it all, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what memories and joy you make and have.

I’ve been asked “Will I go back to Paris now I’ve been to WDW?” Yes, I’m going back soon and want to for Halloween too, BUT I am also booking a WDW trip for 2018. So I still love Paris, it’s still my home, but WDW did have that extra magic I want to enjoy again.

After going to Paris 20 times in the last 6 and a half years and WDW once (technically have been to Cal but we’re not talking about that here) I wanted to share my thoughts on each parks, in a way of how they both could learn from each other.

Of course, all these thoughts are my own, if you don’t agree, that’s fine, I’m happy to have a FRIENDLY and CALM discussion if you want to, but for now; here are my thoughts.

So overall, going to WDW recently did make me question Paris a lot, but only because I want Paris to be SO MUCH BETTER, and since the WONDERFUL Mrs. Powell has taken over the resort has slowly become better, however, there are still some things that made me go “huh, yeah” but there were some things WDW could learn from Paris.

I don’t think there’ll be any flow to this, just my brain going from one thing to another.



So at WDW the character interactions were amazing, not saying I don’t have amazing interactions at Paris, I have WONDERFUL memories. But I felt like the characters at WDW seemed more “real” I felt I really was talking to Snow White or Cinderella. They seemed more “trained” and more understanding of the characters. At Paris, I have had interactions like that, people who genuinely learn the characters and give the best performance, but sometimes, I’ve been left upset. Not sure if because at Paris there is a language barrier, but sometimes I don’t feel like I was getting good interactions. I felt like the WDW characters lead the conversations, for me it was odd, but only because at Paris I’m SO USED to leading the conversations. But once I was used to it, it was a breath of fresh air. (Obvs fur characters don’t count)  But then again, when talking to Goofy he understood everything I said and responded well. Again, I know it’s the language barrier causing issues. I’ve met fur characters that ignore me and just pose because, most likely, they don’t know what I’ve said. (Again, if I was in fur and had a Spanish or Russian person talk, I wouldn’t know what to do, so not blaming the language barrier, I understand in Europe, it’s going to be hard)

BUT Paris wins for the quantity of character meets. Sure you can meet lots of characters but roaming characters aren’t a thing, sure they’re not 100% at Paris but sometimes they happen and it’s nice. But at WDW because it’s so big, you can’t meet Alice in MK, you HAVE to go to EPCOT. So to “fill the space” the characters are spread out. Which is annoying. Some characters are in more than one park, like Mary Poppins, but I wouldn’t mind having multiple characters around each park. When I enter a new park, the others don’t exist in my mind. Even at Paris, when I’m in the park, I forget about Studios, and visa-versa. I don’t mind meeting a princess in the studio, or pooh-bear, it’s better than nothing. It still fits. (I know some people get really pissed off with that, but Jesus, its not the end of the world if Rapunzel is in the Pavilion and in the Studios, Tiana still meets during FoF in WDW, and how can she be on parade and in Fairytale Hall? HM?!) So Paris wins in the sense you can meet a lot of characters in a smaller space than having to run around like in WDW.

Cast Members

So. Cast Members. I KNOW there are lots of cast members at Paris that do LOVE their job and WANT to work for Disney and LOVE creating magic all around the resorts. So I’m NOT saying Paris CMs don’t want to spread the magic, they do. BUT I felt like at WDW, everyone was helpful and smiling and kind. I’ve had CMs at Paris who just wave me off or ignore me or just don’t give off that Disney vibe, to them it’s a job. I don’t think any CM at WDW was rude or unhelpful, they always smiled at me, said hello, ect. They spread magic, if I could do more cast compliments I would, but I knew I couldn’t. Random 1st visit badges, random fastpasses, skipping queues, not being bothered about me swopping change, ect. Random bits of magic that made my trip even more magical. I don’t think I’ve had that magic at Paris for a long time. Or even at all to be honest. I hate saying that, but it’s true.

(OBVS I don’t know backstage, I don’t know the rules and all that so PLEASE don’t think Im bashing the CMs at Paris, they could be under a tight grip BUT a smile won’t hurt once in a while)


So MERCH. I think WDW had SO MUCH AMAZING MERCH! I wish a lot could come to Paris. BUT I do love that Paris has unique items too. Sure WDW would have different to Cal, BUT it can be awesome to know this is 100% for Paris than just “a Disney Park” BUT I felt like they had stuff for EVERYTHING. I think they could learn what sells and what doesn’t. Like they have a WHOLE STORE for Haunted Mansion, Paris could easily have one for Phantom Manor. (not being biased, just saying, it is a popular ride) I feel like a lot of the merch at Paris is same old, same old. Like they just sell pins and booster packs, no mystery packs or anything. Paris can learn. BUT I do think it’s getting better honestly.


WDW wins for the Photopass, YES as of typing this we’ve seen Paris trying to improve their Photopass system, more random photographers and even more at characters. BUT I can understand why it’s taking so long – people aren’t using it because no one wants a printed copy, they want digital. So WDW wins for the memory maker – but if Paris were to, honestly, jack up the price of entry or offer the memory maker (not as much as photopass+) they could easily get a few more pennies and easily can afford more photographers and people would keep coming back. I’ ve never had a photopass+ card, I will buy one this next trip with my friend BUT only because it’s her first trip AND I hope the photographers will stay and I get use out of my PP+. Not just with characters but around the castle, on Mainstreet at night, by this and by that, it needs to come to Paris and it seems like it is, slowly. But LAURA IS HAPPY. It honestly felt like a FREE thing I had, I know I paid for it, but it’s kinda upsetting having to pay extra for my memories. It’s not something I should pay for. I’m SO grateful for everyone who have let me use their PP+ , honestly, thank you. I wouldn’t have hugs with Snow or pics with DarthDaddy if it wasn’t for you. Thank you. If I didn’t have amazing friends, my faded memories would be all I had, I couldn’t share because I cannot afford a printed photo or PP+.

Fastpass / Magic Band

Fastpass+ … I don’ think I need to say more. No running for fastpasses in the morning. All done in my phone days before or even a few hours before. Can get in a short queue and enjoy the ride. It was amazing. Obvs I can understand why to not have it since it’s not that big of a resort and not a lot of rides have FP but it was still a great addition that I liked.

Even though I love my Dream Pass, but with the new changes I think there needs to be more changes. If Paris are starting to force more people to stay in the hotels they should offer better deals, like FP and memory maker in with your tickets/stay and also they need the Magic Bands. I loved having one, it was easy and simple having one item for all my needs than having 1 card for entry, 1 card for hotel, 1 card for PP+, 1 card for room charges. It’s too much and if they brough out Magic Bands, I know I’d buy a few and use them, that’s more money for the park there. I didn’t buy a MB (Milly bought me the Haunted Mansion one, so grateful, so happy) but only because I knew I wouldn’t need one again. But going to Paris 3/4 times a year, having a few different patterns, colours, designs, I would buy a few. Even keep changing like I did during my WDW trip. Used both my HM one and my red one. GET MAGIC BANDS PARIS.


So I know I didn’t eat a lot at WDW, but from what I saw a lot of places were still open late or even just OPEN in the first place. Paris has too many places that close early, which caused a backlog at the other restaurants. Having half of Frontierland close before the parade isn’t good. So yeah I can’t really say much since I didn’t go to many places to eat, but I can imagine they’re better than Paris. BUT I do like Paris food. But I didn’t wait long ANYWHERE I ate, even at the smaller stalls. Maybe 15 mins max, not 40 like I did once in Casey’s Corner. It’s not good!


WDW wins for the cutlery and straw dispensers. They’re cool and hygienic.

Bathrooms always were clean and smelled great. Paris female loos always smell, sure it’s hard coz of baby changing and kids but still, I don’t remember feeling disgusting in a WDW bathroom.

It was strange watching the fireworks and then going on a ride, it was strange but I LOVED IT. I always have hated that the fireworks are at closing, I understand why but I’ve sat by Meet Mickey during Halloween watching DREAMS from behind and it was safe. Have the fireworks on an hour before closing or more like at WDW (yes Europe is weird for getting dark ect) BUT it was awesome knowing I wasn’t done when I watched the fireworks. I could go meet a character or go on a ride and not miss the fireworks. Plus they weren’t really kicking us out either. We could chill on MainStreet waiting for photos and not be given evil-eyes. It was nice.

Happily Ever After > Illuminations. Get a better night show. I’m sorry.

Honestly, the parades at both parks are okay. I thought I’d be more upset missing FOF than what I was. I saw it twice but that was okay, I thought I’d be upset I didn’t get to see it Monday, my last day, but nope, I was okay. It’s beautiful, both parades are, but they miss something, they both lack something. Sure my heart will always be with Magic on Parade, but they both are just – meh. The dancing is meh, the music is okay, just overall. I miss Magic OKAY?!

Both parks are good for shows. Well done both.

It was a breath of fresh air that everything was in English. But again, I know Paris can’t help it. So, yeah.

So this is all I can think of right now, I knew I should have written this back when I first came home, since a lot I’ve forgotten. But you probably get my points. I might add more or make a second post soon. But for now, this is what you get!

Laura, x


My WDW Purchases: PINS!


Hello all!

Welcome back to my blog, so today I wanted to share my recent pin purchases from WDW. Now, even though I have bought a lot, I wanted more. But I was “good” and didn’t. I wish I did though. Ha.

So I’ll show off each pin and my reasons why I purchased that particular pin.

  1. Mickey’s “My 1st Vist” Pin!

Well, I bought this last, literally as I was waiting for the Magical Express. I never saw it around the parks, unless I just didn’t “take it in” But I love it!

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train moving pin!

So, 1. it’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and 2. I LOVED the ride and I don’t like big rides. Loved riding it in the dark too! Plus my two favourites on the front.

3.  Beauty and the Beast Bell-Jar Pin

I love BatB, and the rose in the bell-jar pin was one of those that I saw and gasped! It’s beautiful, and the blue sections are see-through! Magical!.

4. Magic Kingdom 4th Anniversary Pin

Even though it isn’t still the 45th, I loved the castle design compared to the other pins and thought, why not? It’s pretty!

5. Kylo Ren Pin

IT’S KYLO REN NEED I SAY MORE? Ha, mainly got it for remembrance of my awesome meets. ❤ Plus that leg……….. *fans self* XD

6.  Evil Queen Heart Box Pin

I actually nearly bought this pin a few months ago on Ebay for around £25, but instead got it for $10 so, it’s a win! It’s SWatSD so, yeah!

7. Jack and Sally Heart Pin

It’s Jack and Sally, my two favourites, one of my OTPs! I HAD to buy it, it’s SO PRETTY! Plus a lot of Sally pins make her look weird, here she looks amazing.

8. All Star Resort Pin

Since there’s only 1 pin for the 3 resorts, I had to get this one. I would have preferred a All Star Movies pin but this will do to commemorate staying at the resort! Loved the hotel!

9.  Mary Poppins Pin

So I have a Jolly Holiday Pin from Paris but I’ve found they’re kinda “rare” so I HAD to get this! Plus it’s 1, pretty and 2, It’s Mary Poppins! I love her!

10. Snow White January Pin

So I couldn’t have been any luckier if I tried! January is my birth month and garnet is my birth gem, and Snow is my favourite princess! It’s a perfect match! I would have gotten it even if it wasn’t Jan but WIN! Love it! So cute and love the box!

11. Jack Boot Pin

IT’S JACK SKELLINGTON ON A GOTHIC BOOT NEED I SAY MORE? So yeah, I love me some goth boots and also I wore a new pair for my Sally DB in April, a perfect pair!

12. Merida Pin

It’s Merida, I love her, orange hair sisters! Her meet was amazing and her pins are rare in Paris or in a pack. But this is beautiful!

13. Joy and Sadness

The meet with them was beautiful, I even told Sadness of my sadness and she squeezed my hands so hard I got emotional and teary. I battle with my Joy and Sadness and it was needed to get pins of the pair.

14. Mickey / Minnie and Mary / Bert Pins

IT’S MICKEY AND MINNIE AS MARY AND BERT! DO I NEED A REASON? NO! Well, mainly coz I HAVE Mickey as Bert plush but I didn’t get Minnie as Mary and I hate myself for it.

15. Fairest one of All Mirror Pin

I saw this and thought it was a beauty, then I saw IT OPENS AND INSIDE IS A LITTLE MIRROR, therefore, I am the fairest one of all. X] It’s beautiful and well made!

16. Snow White Pin

So this and the 1st visit pin were the last 2 I bought, I thought I already had it but I didn’t want to risk it, but glad I did coz I didn’t even buy it! It’s SO PRETTY!

17. Snow White Flag Pin

This was the first pin I saw in the shop in the hotel, so pretty! Love the tassels!

18. Ear Hat Pin Booster Set

So for $28 you get 5 pins in one and it’s a mystery pack so you don’t know what you’ll get! I risked it and got Jasmine, Tiana, Groom, and 2 Steampunk style ones. Might sell or trade them and keep Tiana/Jasmine.

19. 2 pack Hidden Mickey Mystery Pin set

For the price of yellow ($13) you get 2 rare Hidden Micke pins, I got a Macroon and Figment! Might trade or sell these but not bad for $6.50 each!

AND THAT’S IT! I thought I bought more but I DID put a LOT away! I technically bought my dad a Best Dad Goofy pin as a gift and I got a Snow White pin from Milly. Plus bought 2 pins for Denise so, it might feel like more but these are all MINE! Love them all!

26 new pins!

Thanks for reading!

Check back for when I talk about my gifts and other purchases!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet and Greet Locations FULL MAP!

Hello all!

So I wanted to share a photo of all the character meet and greets on one large park map – so show you how much better character meets at Disneyland Paris could be. Sometimes looking at each land looks empty, but once you see the entire park, OH BOY!


Now I’ve finished the Park,. I might go and talk about the Walt Disney Studios! Depending on how well this one goes.

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 3 – Discoveryland)

Hello all!

So here is part three of “My Ideal Character Meet n Greet Locations” and this time I want to talk about my least favourite land – Discoveryland!

I think Discoveryland is the most boring for characters. There are NO characters out. I think that should change and here are my thoughts and suggestions!


  1. I think having Buzz Lightyear meet by or around his ride is ideal, somewhere near the dead space between the ride and Cafe Hyperion. Makes sense.
  2. I think that having Baymax and Hiro in Discoveryland is AMAZING! They could meet somewhere around near Autopia as there’s lots of empty space and they could easily build a building or a covered area. I would love them to come over.
  3. I think that Stitch and Angel (his female counterpart) could meet somewhere around the boring space near Space Mountain and the other side of Cafe Hyperion. Could be near the Wall-E Statue.
  4. Mr and Mrs Incredible could easily have a meet around the Star Tours area. I think there’s lots of space around there they could easily meet. Sure they don’t have anything to do with Star Wars but the area is OPEN and boring.
  5. Darth Vader and Star Wars characters could easily have an indoor meet at the old Captain EO place, which now just plays clips of new films and shorts. Or just in the Star Tours Arcade, somewhere there.
  6. Finally, I think that it would be nice to bring back some classic characters – so I thought that having the Treasure Planet characters AND the…
  7. Meet the Robinson boys around near Nautilus (had to google that) could be interesting!

So that’s my thought for character meets around in Discoveryland, as it’s boring as hell.

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe?

Laura, x

My Beauty and the Beats (2017) REVIEW (Spoiler heavy!)

Hello all,

So today I bring you a “review” of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 2017 – I’m not very good at writing reviews so please bare with me!

So I saw the movie last night (19th March) a few days after it’s release. Now before I start I want to say that before I saw the movie I wasn’t sure where my expectations where – I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, it ties with second place with Aladdin as my favourite Disney movies. I love it so much that seeing they were doing a remake made me both angry, happy, concerned and overall – OMG!

Seeing and hearing the trailers kept these feelings the same, I was the trailers and cried and then heard Emma Watson sing and cried for the wrong reasons. I love the cast they picked (except Emma) and I couldn’t doubt Disney. I love the remakes of Cinderella and Jungle Book, so I was optimistic. But at the same time, I was hoping they wouldn’t rely solely on the fabulous music. I’ll come back to that later.

So I want to start with the good and I REALLY did enjoy the movie, there were plenty of things that I really didn’t like but some of the changes I was okay with.


So I’m not sure how to get into this, I am, btw, listening to the soundtrack as I type to keep my thoughts magical and fresh! I might do bullet points as they pop into my head, so please again bare with me.

Singing – So yes the singing would be a major factor for the movie, I really did enjoy everyone’s singing but not Emma Watson, her voice wasn’t “Belle” and I know shes not “the Belle” but it was very weak for my personal taste. I’m not still 100% with Luke Evans as Gaston, again I know he’s not “the Gaston” but a stronger deeper voice would have been better, but saying so he still did a fantastic job. Emma Thompson singing the title song was JUST AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL! Even with the cockney accent, it was soft and had warmth and love. Ewan McGregor’s French accent had be tickled from the first trailer – so I was worried about it in the singing but I KNOW he’s a FANTASTIC singer (Moulin Rogue people! WATCH IT!) And I didn’t have my doubts. But the song still had the uplifting spirit. Obviously Audra MacDonald was perf!

Story – the story was the same but different. I didn’t like bits like Gaston going out with Belle’s father and the magical book scene (see below) along with the Enchantress saving Belles father, it seemed like rather random scenes – I preferred in the original when Belle saves her father. The flow did go well and kept up with a good pace, nothing was lingering too much and it was a good amount of action, music and love.

Music – need I say anything? It’s the best.

Songs – the new songs were so beautiful, I know they wanted a more of a emotional tone for their longing, but I do like the comical nature of Human Again – it still gets the same message across. But don’t get me wrong, I love it. Beast’s Evermore OMG in the cinema I was taken aback, I was slack-jawed and wanted to stand up and clap my heart out. It was beautiful and magical – showing Beasts true feelings. Magical.

Characters – so the characters all where the same but different, Belle was more head-strong than original, Maurice more sad and not as quirky, Gaston wasn’t as a brute and more charmasic, LaFou was perfect, Beast was easily to fall in love with – he seemed more human than in the original and that was a good change, he wanted his life back, original Beast didn’t seem to give that off too much? Lumiere was better than the original in my opnion, he wanted to get more done and pushed more, Cogsworth was the same – broody and moody, Mrs Potts seemed more lovable and seemed more motherly, she loves Chip with her life and seemed to be more realistic that they “made their bed and peace with what’s happened”. The extra characters like Madame Garderobe and Maestro Cadenza where a nice and light-hearted addition to the cast. Plumette… why was she even there?

Things that bugged me-

Beast reading – I understand that they needed a common interest between Belle and Beast, so reading had to be it, I did like that HOWEVER! I loved the extra scene from Human Again where Belle teaches him to read – but again, adds more questions of “why doesn’t he know how to read” and all that. So that point is 50/50, could have been romantic and relationship building, but it was nice they could talk about books.

Plumette flying – Why does she get to fly? She’s a duster, brush, thing… I know she looks like a bird but wtf?

Ageing vs time standing still – SO I might have not realised this and passed over it in the movie, but we learn of Mr Potts and Cogsworth’s wife – did they age a few years? Did the main characters age in their cursed state? How long were they like for? Any answers would be ideal!

So, you’re telling me that Maestro Cadenza and Madame Garderobe COULD have been together? I know she sleeps all the time (why?) but I thought she couldn’t leave the room, I can see he can’t get up the stairs, but they seem to have missed each other but she could have easily left the room and seem him? THAT bugged me.

Enchantress hanging around – Why? She didn’t really need to be there, ALSO, WHY WAS SHE THERE AT THE END? THE MAGIC SHOULD HAVE COME FROM INSIDE THEM NOT FROM HER!

Only one kiss – COM’ON DISNEY! There was only one kiss in Cinderella too – like, they should have kissed again during the end dance. GRRRR!

Magical book scene, should have been between Belle and father – Yeah, again, I know that they needed more scenes to establish a connection between Belle and Beast, but I think it would have been lovely when Belle and her father are trapped for him to tell her the truth about her mother. The magical book was just random and completely unnecessary in my opinion.

The CGI didn’t look good during Be Our Guest – Personally the overall CGI of the movie wasn’t as good as I wanted, sure I’m probably getting used to the looks, with my animation background and all that, but lots of Be Our Guests just didn’t seem convincing…

The servants transformation scene was crap – Again the animation and CGI seemed to be lacking, they used rubbish camera spins and tricks to have them go from CGI to human in seconds. I thought for Disney, it was rather unacceptable.

Really wanted Gaston to scream Belle is mine – So in the animation, Gaston screams “Belle is mine!” but in this, he didn’t. He didn’t seem to be bothered by Belle in the end, he just wanted to kill the Beast. I thought he was obsessed with Belle, obviously not in the end.

Too many faffing scenes, like the gold on the ballgown – Yeah, lots of “time fillers” like when the gold is brought down from around the room and placed onto her ballgown – it served no purpose to the story or anything – it was filling in time that didn’t need to be filled in. I was getting impatient over a few seconds, yes that’s petty, but every second counts. Other scenes like in Be Our Guest with Mrs Potts on the water fountain… I pick up on things like that coz I’m weird.

Beast death with his eyes open…. Wtf?!  – SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL? THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE AND HIS EYES ARE WIDE OPEN?! I know it’s technically correct when we die, eyes stay open, but Jesus that was WAY too much!

Belle in her room – yes she did try and escape out the window, but I feel like she would have just left and said “F*CK YOU BEAST” she kinda did the original, one minute she’s in her room then shes downstairs in the kitchen. She was (i think) piratically dragged by Lumiere. I think, I don’t really remember that bit.

Okay I’m done. I might see it again in the cinema and this might all be different but first impressions, this is my thoughts!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 5 – MainStreet)

Hello all!

Welcome to part 5 of “My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet Locations” and this blog we’re heading over to MainStreet USA! I will be honest and say that nothing has really changed for MainStreet, because I like how it is now.


  1. So starting at the top, I like the idea of having Mary Poppins and Bert, and the penguins, around Town Square. They fit the location decore and I just like them being there.
  2. Over by bows and ribbons I think that Daisy could have her own meet and greet! Or any other of the main Fab 5! Honestly this was just picking anyone. But Chip and Dale could be there, Uncle Scrooge, ect.
  3. Over by the Boarding House Minnie can stay there. I like her there!
  4. Over down by Casey’s I think Marie could move there and stay down there.
  5. Popping on over to The Plaza Gardens Restuarnet, have Goofy, Pluto ect at the meet they currently have there.
  6. Also have some roaming characters around Central Plaza, so I picked Donald for the visual – but any of the fab 5 can meet around there and roam around!

So that’s it for MainStreet, again – I like the current meets they have. But some roaming characters won’t go a miss.

So, thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this small series. if you do then I’ll share my thoughts on the Walt Disney Studios!

Laura, x

My WDW Wishlist – Characters I wish to meet! (Part 3)

Hello all,

Welcome to part 3 of my WDW Wishlist! This post I want to talk about all the characters I want to meet while over at WDW. They have so many more characters than Paris and I hope to meet them all! Or just as many as I can. HOPEFULLY these characters will still be meeting when I go in May.

(Photo are not mine, obvs)


I feel like I should say something here but… Kylo-Ren. There was rumours he would meet at the new StarPort meet at DLP but all I keep hearing is just Darth Vador – so therefore I’m now just think I’ll only get to meet him at WDW. I might fangirl or get shy. It’ll be funny.

Chewbacca, BB-8 and other Star Wars Characters!

I do love Starwars, my top meet is Kylo-Ren but meeting the other characters would be lovely! I want a chewwie hug and BB-8 will be new and rolling around Hollywood Studios so yay!

Joy and Sadness

They’re both adorable and the set looks amazing! I hope they still meet, I just want to give sadness a big hug. I love Inside Out and relate to the movie so much. But they look amazing and I want to see them so bad!


Half naked man? Sign me up! HA! I hope that he says something about my accent. I might DisneyBound as Jane but better than April – get a skirt this time. BUT we’ll see. If so, I hope he’ll still be out!

Anna and Elsa

I’ve yet to meet the two new royal sisters, so I can’t wait to meet them! I’ll probably go meet them in the Sommerhaus to I can have a photo with them both together rather than separate in the Princess Fairytale Hall!

Disney Junior Pals!

Even though I’ve not watched most of the Disney Junior shows (I’m guilty to say I have) I would love to meet Princess Sophia, Doc McStuffings, Jake (If he still meets) and the newest princess Elena Of Avalor! I might be the eldest in the queue but a character is a character!

Pocahontas and Meeko 

I’ve never met the wonderful Pocahontas, so meeting her would be perfect and once I’ve met the Frozen sisters I’ll have met all the Disney Princesses! But also Meeko is so cute! He does come out at DLP sometimes but I’ve always missed him!


I wish she and her friends were meeting still, but I’ll just have to have just the sassy Tink! I love the Tinkerbell movies, I wish they’d make more! But even so I cannot wait to shrink to the size of a fairy and meet the magic of Disney herself!


Another character I’ve not met so I want to meet him! Also Atta too if shes out! But I don’t think she comes out much, I could be wrong!

Mermaid Ariel

So over at DLP she has her human legs and isn’t seen as a mermaid anymore, so I would love to meet her at her grotto with her beautiful green fin!

Jasmine and Aladdin

I love their new outfits, I didn’t at first but they’ve grown on me and I love them! I do love Aladdin and seen lots of amazing meets with him from WDW and I hope to have the same interaction!



Obviosuly I want to meet as many as I can, all the way from Alice to Woody again, but the newer the better! I want to bring my character count higher!

Laura, x