Disney Life Review! Part 1 (Website / First impressions and thoughts)

Recently Disney released their Movies on demand service here in the UK – over the the US they have “Disney Movies Anywhere”

The service is for both online and mobile/tablet app – which hosts a large amount Disney movies, TV shows, Disney shorts, music and even books! Disney Life is £9.99 a month, however you can get the first month for free – just remember to cancel your subscription if you do not wish to continue.

Disney Life is made simple and easy for kids to use, on the website you can easily see and pick from a large range of Disney and Pixar movies, books and music.

Upon opening Disney Life you’re greeted by a list of movie genres for you to pick from; Animated Favourites, Mini Movies, TV Shorts ect. In addition to large scrolling “playlists” to help you find just the right movie or TV show for your liking.


(© DisneyLife.com)

One of the features that has nothing to do with the movies or anything, is the “title cards” I shall call them. Each movie has it’s own little sliding animation on both website and app, one top and bottom. Some are new drawings, some are just old renders and titles from the movie. Here is an example from The Princess and the Frog:


As well as the animation, you get the movie’s release date / rating / and length of the movie. The play button and then more information


(movie description, cast and crew)


The bottom section features side characters, scenery or most famous scenes from the movie

Upon watching the movie or TV show, the screen is filled and quality maybe low – however the quality will become better once the show progresses, depending on your internet connection.

The show will start automatically – if you tap, or roll over with your mouse, the overly appears with the loading bar, a “15 second back” button to skip back 15 seconds, and the languages and subtitle section. As well as the back button and full screen.


Laura’s overall opinion of the service:

SO! Here is, hopefully, what you’ve come to read, more of what I think. I think it’s a pretty decent feature that Disney have made. As well as having (most) of the classic movies and Pixar films, they also have the OLD OLD OLD classic shorts, even The Three Little Pigs and old Mickey cartoons that I watched growing up. For them alone I’d pay £10 a month to watch them over and over, but hey that’s me.

The price I think is OKAY. Netflix is cheaper, however it does also have Non-Disney movies (obvs). But if you’re someone who hasn’t collected all the Disney and Pixar movies and like to watch them whenever and wherever, I think this service would be good for you. You can use the app/website anywhere and up 6 devices for the same price (unlike Netflix) and with the option of music and books, I think overall for children it is pretty decent and for the whole family will enjoy.


If Dad wants to watch the old Mickey shorts while Mum watches her favourite princesses and little Johnny watches Cars while little Sarah can watch Doc McStuffins. I think for the price of £10 it is worth it. If they keep updating the library then I think it;s a win! Plus you can pick a character as your profile photo and I just HAD to pick my bae Snow. ❤


As from my point of view, they have all the old shows I used to watch, Phil of the Future, That’s so Raven, Recess ect, I wouldn’t mind paying that much to relive my childhood for a couple of months. (Granted most of the TV shows are only season 1 only, but I bet if the service grows, so will the seasons) Buying the DVDs would be a lot of money and I already am running out of room! Ha. As well as a SEA OF LIVE ACTION! There’s movies on there that I was never interested in, but if I can watch them for free (currently) and as easy as a click of a few buttons then I’m in!

Overall I think it is a good idea for Disney to have their own service.

IF the app worked well (I’ll talk more about that in Part 2) then I think I could give it a higher score, and if they had the most recent movies on, i could give it an even higher score, alas, since not. I give it 3.5/5.

It’d give it 4 if there was Big Hero 6 and a working app.

Also I’ve noticed that when choosing a different language, the movie can take ages to buffer, and changing the language half way through can cause errors and disruptions. Sometimes it even jumps back to the start of the movie.

However having Disney movies available on my phone is a new plus. I will talk more about the app feature at a later date.

Thank you guys for reading.

Down below is a pros and cons (currently) and some more photos for you to enjoy!

Laura, x


+ Very high quality streaming on both computer and mobile.

+ Option for other languages such as French and Spanish – as well as subtitles in those languages

+ Speical features mostly found of recent DVD or Blu-Ray releases.

+ Good old Disney channel TV shows such as That’s So Raven and Kim Possible from Season 1 available. (YES!)

+ Easy to navigate on both website and app.

+ Movies, music and books can be downloaded to devices to use offline.


+ The App isn’t the best quality – the streaming of movies breaks a lot, which means I have to either un-install and re-install every time I want to watch a movie, or I have to clear Cache. However, it’s new app bugs.

+ Not all Disney and Pixar movies are available to watch: Brave, Big Hero 6 and notably most popular of all- Frozen. NOT good when little Jenny and Alice want to watch Frozen after school to find that LIFE doens’t have it.

+ No “remembering” feature, you have to find and remember yourself were you left off.

+ Downloads (even on the fastest of broadband) can be a little slow.

+ Books and music are only available on the app.


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