Why hello there 2016!

Hello everyone!

How are you?

Did you have a nice holiday season? A nice new year? I HOPE YOU DID!

Well, I haven’t done a blog post in a while because 1) I’m just lazy and 2) I just… didn’t know what to talk about.

Also I am really trying to get some new artwork and animations down so I can really start applying for industry jobs – not 100% sure in what yet (either animation, character design, concept artist ect ect) But at least I am doing something.

Also I’ve been working very hard on my French lately! Mon Français est tres mauvais, mais je suis apprentissage! (My French is very bad, but I am learning!)

Any who – just wanted to say hello to you all in this new year. And that I hope to get more posts done soon – I want to talk about everything this year, from make-up to beauty, to life to Disney, to food to animation to everything, this blog isn’t just a Disney blog is MY blog.

But just a heads up, I will be doing posts soon on:

  • Doing Disney on the cheap
  • My favourite beauty products
  • My favourite make-up brands and pieces right now
  • My 9th audition experience (once I go)
  • My Birthmas blog/vlog (everything I got from Christmas and my upcoming birthday)
  • And also showing off my artwork and animation! Soon.

SO I have lots planned, just getting there and writing about it is next on the list. Also those topics aren’t in any order – just what came into my head at the time of typing.

Any who – I hope you’re all well. I am much better and ready to start the new year. Also NO NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! I didn’t really do mine from last year so… makes sense to just not do them. =]



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