My favourite Character videos! (Part 1)

So I’ve been watching videos of characters for years, and I mean years, probably over 6/7 now. I love watching people interact with the characters, mainly from Cal and WDW, since that’s where I started. So here I just wanted to share my favourite videos. Most of these I have downloaded and put into a file called “Things to watch when I’m feeling low” because they make me happy.

These are in no particular order – just whatever. Some are only sections of a video, so I’ll say “from here to here” and put the video with the time link.

Annoyingly before doing this I found a few of my favourites are no longer on Youtube. Oh well.

So enjoy, laugh, cry and imagine 16 year old Laura watching these in her bed at night during her A-levels and dreaming that one day she might become a character and share the magic.


This one KILLS ME! Best part is 1:00 – 1:20!  But the entire video is just gold.


This entire video is sweet, but the end (timestamped) is JUST HILARIOUS! I watched it over and over the first time Isaw it. Perfection (and sometimes breaking character in a funny situation is just perfection!)


Ahh, Jack. Never EVER change. ❤

The best part is 2:11 – 2:25. Again, slight breaking of character. Just adds to the hilarity!


THIS IS AN ULTIMATE THROW BACK! This is when I feel in love with Mister Hatter. 2009? F*ck off!  😂😂😂😂😂


Again, Mister Hatter, you never change either! ❤


Just. Watch.



I don’t know what’s the best part! Probably the Queen of Hearts just DYING with laugher!


My favourite Snow and Queen. I could watch videos of them two all day. I prayed to meet them in Cal when I went but nope. But it was nice to see Snow in Saving Mr Banks.




SQUISHY! I cried the day you left. I never met you, but I love you! ❤


A Queen. You never change too! Best parts: Oh stop it! and How she says “Cinderella” (Girl crush! XD )


Girls got more game than me. XD


Keep Adventuring and Stay not a grown up. Yep!


THIS BIG IDIOT PERSON THING made me WANT to do to Disneyland Paris. JUST FOR HIM! Seriously, Sassy Hatter is Sassy. ❤


Okay, not a full character interaction video but every time I hear this song, I think of Hatter. Bunch of amazing idiots! XD ❤


And I think I’ll leave it there for today, I have SO MANY that I love and have watched over and over. But for now, here are my favourites!

Love Laura, x


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