My own personal Snow White segment for Forest of Enchantment

Snow White Forest of Enchantment Segment

(Unknown place in musical)

CAST 1 = Regina / Lucille

CAST 2 = Acrobats (Bird / Frog / Fox / Rootmen / Grassman / ext)

CAST 3 = Regina / Lucille / Lezardo / Waterlilo

Snow White


(Possibly no Enchantella / Or at stage right)

CAST 3 exit stage to sides. Softer version of “Believe” is sung

CAST 3: Believe, in what you see, right before your eyes…

Prop Wishing Well cut out pulled into stage left – Snow White enters stage right. Snow poses, all CAST 2 come over and follow Snow to the Wishing Well.

CAST 2 surround the Wishing Well in front, looking lovingly at Snow – Snow stands behind and speaks:

Snow: Want to know a secret?

CAST 2 nod enthusiastically

Snow: Promise not to tell?

CAST 2 nod again.

Snow: Well, we’re standing by a wishing well… Make a wish into the well, *Snow points downwards* that’s all you have to do. And if you hear it echoing
*leans forward, right hand to ear*, your wish will soon come true.

CAST 2 look into the wishing well and then sit back down / stand back.

Snow: I’m wishing!

CAST 1: (In harmony repeat as echo’s) I’m wishing

CAST 2 respond to the “echoes” with shocked looks and amazement.

Snow: For the one I love, to find me!

CAST 1: To find me!

Snow: Today.

The Prince enters stage left, walking near stage back – walking slowly, watching Snow. 

CAST 1: Today

Snow: I’m hoping

CAST 1: I’m hoping

Snow: And I’m dreaming of the nice things

CAST 1: The nice things.

Snow: He’ll say!

CAST 1: He’ll say!

Snow walks away from the well to stage right, holding her skirt, graceful steps, some of CAST 2 follow. The Prince walks behind, watching, and heads towards the well.

Snow towards the audience:
Snow: I’m wishing

CAST 1: I’m wishing

Snow: For the one I love,
To find me

The Prince starts to slowly walk towards Snow.

CAST 1: To find me

Snow: Today

Prince walks directly behind Snow

Prince: TODAY!

Snow and CAST 2 react to the price. Snow “runs” away around to stage back around to stage right towards left, Prince follows. CAST 2 separate between
stage right and left.

Prince stops Snow by the hand. She stops and stares towards stage left.

Prince: Now that I’ve found you, here what I have to say!

Snow turns towards the Prince then looks away shy, she lets go of the Prince’s hand, and starts to walk away stage left – Cast 2 on stage left stop her. She turns to the prince.

Prince: One song, I have to but one song…

Meanwhile, CAST 2 sit, watching from stage left and right. Snow turns away quickly she straightens her dress and fluffs her hair. She turns back and walks a few paces forward, timid.

Prince: One song, only for you…

Prince walks over to Snow, holds her hands.

Prince: One heart, tenderly beating, ever entreating, constant and true.

Snow stands in front of the Prince, she and him extend out their left arms up and down slowly. Then the right arm.

Prince: One love, that has possessed me, one love, thrilling me through.

Snow twirls in front of the Prince to stage left, opening her body towards the audience, left arm extended.

Prince: One Song, my heart keeps singing…

Prince leads Snow around to stage right she twirls into the Prince – Snow and Prince stand face to face, holding hands

Prince and Snow: Of one love, only for you…


The Prince kisses Snow’s hands, the two waltz around, a final twirl and the Prince picks up Snow. 

CAST 3: And the bird with sing and wedding bells with ring, someday when my dreams come true!

Prince carries Snow off stage right behind the well. CAST 2 waves the pair goodbye and the Wishing Well is pushed off stage by CAST 2.


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