Art Process: Lucille (Forest of Enchantment)

While drawing my next piece of artwork, Lucille from Disneyland Paris’ Forest of Enchantment, I decided to record my process!

While recording, I did it in chunks but during the lining process, it began to slow down my computer making it difficult – so I re-did the line art. Afterwards, my computer then broke and I had to get it fixed. After that I couldn’t get my recording software to work – so I only have my sketch process, first line art attempt and some of the colouring and shading. But I thought it would be better than nothing.

I’m currently working on Regina and then finally will do Waterlilo – and I will record both of them too!

Hope you enjoy. I used FFSplit to record and Photoshop CC and an Intous 4 Wacom tablet for drawing.



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