Going to Disney Solo: Welcome!

Hello all!

So over the years I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and walk around Disneyland California on my own and travelled solo. I always get young viewers asking how can they go about going solo, sometimes I even get older people asking me tips and advice on going solo.

So here I want to express some of my tips, advice, thoughts and opinions about going solo. This is just the welcome, I’ll be talking about travel, going around the park and outside the park, staying in the hotels and then some final thoughts and opinions.

I get a lot go questions about going solo because I do go solo a lot, and the first thing you must learn is; THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH GOING SOLO! People might hear you’re going solo and assume you have no friends, but that’s not the case. Not everyone wants to go to Disneyland or have friends that cannot afford to go. So going solo is the only way to go is solo. It’s better to experience the magic alone than not at all, I say. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t fall in love with Halloween, experience Christmas and all my other amazing trips!

So I hope you all enjoy reading these posts, even if you don’t go alone, sometimes it’s good to hear some tips from others and you might learn something new!

Below is a list of the topics, I’ll do each on their own blog for accessibility.


Inside/Outside Disneyland 


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or ask me on my many social medias, links are found around.

Laura, x


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