How do I walk to HiPark Serris Hotel at Disneyland Paris?

Hello all!

So, I was going to include this in my other blog posts about doing Disneyland Solo, however I thought people would benefit from knowing this and it would be easier to have a separate post for easy accessibility!

So, I get asked a lot about the hotel HiPark Serris at Disneyland Paris, mainly, how to walk there. You CAN get the Peps Bus 50. Timetable here! But I find it’s sometimes easier and quicker to walk. The bus can be every hour or 30 minutes and if you want to just pop back for a rest or drop something off. Here is how to get there.

I keep meaning to do a video, but everytime I forget. Maybe Halloween!

So this is where you want to go:


If that’s still complicated, here is a keyed map!


Okay, this looks complicated! But it’s simple. Below are numbered photos to help you!

So this is the journey TO the hotel, FROM the parks.


When leaving Disney. Go to the right of the World of Disney Store – towards an exit sign. Go down there and keep walking towards the roundabout



NO 1

Here is the reverse, you can see the IMAX cinema. – walk towards the RIGHT, your right.



NO. 2

When heading AWAY from Disney TO the hotel, always stay on the right till you hit the crossing near the police station (PHOTO NO. 9)


If heading TO Disney and AWAY from the hotel, start on the right, then cross over to the left, STAY ON THAT PATH!




NO 3



NO. 4

After this, just walk STRAIGHT AHEAD! There’s some parking for CMs so careful of crossing and there’s sometimes horse-poop. So be careful.

So you should see the New Port Bay on the OTHER side of the road!




At the bottom of the road, you should come to a huge roundabout, this is where I noticed the Disneyland Hotel in the distance on the bus and thought “hm, I bet I could walk it”




Again, stay on the RIGHT to hotel, LEFT if to Disney






NO. 8



NO. 9

So here, you HAVE to cross. That white building to the left is the Police Station. There is only one crossing to the left side of the road, so DON’T CROSS. Just walk in a straight line!



No. 10

This is where the bus will drop you OFF! If you come FROM Disney, you have to cross the road and walk to the hotel, it doesn’t drop you off right outside- will pick you up on your way to Disney though.

So you can see the hotel is the distance, it’s the first building!



No. 11  THE HOTEL!

There you go! There is the hotel!

When you LEAVE the hotel – WALK TO THE RIGHT! And then head to the crossing, head right, follow the roundabout to the left – stay on the path, left again, straight ahead to the next roundabout, stay on the path! Around right around, then sharp left at the cinema! (See photo 1)


That’s it! I hope that helps!

If you have any questions. Please ask me on my twitter or many other social media pages!

Thanks guys!

Laura, x












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