Going to Disney Solo – Inside/Outside Disneyland

Hello all! So here is the next part of my Going to Disney Solo series where I give any tips, advice and answer questions I’ve been asked over the years.

So if you haven’t make sure to check out my Welcome of this series! Previously I have talked about Travel, so make sure to check that out too.

So, inside and outside Disneyland. People get scared about being in Disneyland by themselves because they worry about getting bored or feel alone and sad, but I have very rarely found that the case. I’ve mentioned before that I am in introvert and have lived alone previously in my life so doing things independently isn’t scary for me. I don’t mind shopping alone, going to the cinema alone ect – it’s just who I am.

So people sometimes ask about the positives and the negatives. So I’ll do a nice quick list of reasons why to go solo:


  • You can do WHATEVER and WHENEVER you want. Wanna go on Space Mountain? Go on Space Mountain! Wanna meet that character you’ve always wanted to meet but never could because your friends said no? Meet that beautiful princess!
  • You can eat whenever you want, no having to go somewhere because someone you’re with is hungry.
  • Stand wherever you want for the parade!
  • Go pee whenever you want.
  • Have some “you” time and explore Disneyland slowly.
  • You can set your own time to go – no having to exchange money, finding the right time for everyone to travel!
  • You can pick where you stay and for how long!
  • You can get up and go whenever you feel like it!


  • You can feel alone and bored sometimes
  • If something amazing happens, you don’t have anyone to share in your enjoyment
  • Eating alone can be boring
  • Queueing can be boring

So here are some questions I get:

  • How to you deal with entertaining yourself in queues?

Well, I recently have started getting internet access on my phone and if I’m outside I will check social media, reply to comments, do live-streams ect, that helps me kill time. However I know not a lot of people have that – but if you can get a SIM for your mobile, DO IT! I used to use LeFrenchMobile before I moved over to Three. If I don’t want to use the internet, I look at my photos, and videos – delete any I don’t like. Recently when I was inside the Princess Pavillion with limited internet, I played Pokemon Yellow! If you can get offline games, they work wonders! But if you’re going to be on your phone, I’d recommend an external battery. There’s loads online but I had this one first but found it didn’t charge well, now I use this as my main and the other as a backup.

  • How do you get photos with characters?

I either ask the CM, they ALWAYS take a photo, I buy the Photopass photos or just take a selfie! Nowadays I don’t have many photos with characters, but just ask the CM, they’ll happily take it for you. Same if you want a group shot, don’t be scared of them.

  • How do you deal with the loneliness / How do you not feel lonely?

Like said before, I’m an introvert and I’m used to my own company. There have been times where I’ve felt alone and bored, sometimes going when after a previous trip was packed with friends. But I take photos, do my vlogs/videos. I enjoy Disneyland, take it all in. There’s so many details and little things you miss because you’re not paying attention because you’re in a group. But that’s just me. Everyone else is different but until you try it, you don’t know! I love being able to grab those last minute seats or that one seat in a great spot because I’ on my own. Ha. But that’s just me.

  • Don’t you miss talking to people?

Yes and no, that’s why I vlog! If something amazing happens, I can “tell” you guys or I just type it out on social media! But every night, (if my signal is great) I do call my parents, let them know I’m safe. But that’s my choice. If I don’t its no big deal, but I love telling them about my day and any amazing meets or things that have happened. But if you don’t have anyone, then try and just talk more on social media.

  • Do you feel safe?

Inside Disney, all the time! Outside Disney, is different. Obviously, there’s lots of people and guards but it’s still a public place and not owned my Disney. I’d never walk back to my Hipark hotel alone, I’d always get the bus. I don’t mind walking in the day, but night time is a big no no from me. But as long as I am aware of my surroundings and know my stuff is secure, I feel safe. Remember, be aware not scared!

  • How do you feel about sitting alone and eating your meal?

Again, I don’t mind doing things like that. I feel like I’ve had a few looks but at the end of the day – rock the solo! Not many people will go alone and I think going alone shows confidence and independence. So just sit down, check your phone and eat your tasty bagel-burger, pasta or pizza in comfort. Remember don’t steal a large table of 6 if you’re on your own – try and get a single 2 chair table. Remember to be polite.

So when in Disney, just enjoy your own company! It’s weird at first and you might feel alone but just remember, you can do WHATEVER you want!

Laura, x


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