Going to Disney Solo – Hotels

Hello all!

So welcome to this third installment of Going to Disney Solo! This time I want to talk about staying in hotels and how you can feel comfortable.

So if memory serves me well, I think I did my old video back after going twice to Disney solo. Since then I’ve stayed in hotels all around the country and even more at Disney. Before then I was scared and worried about the scary hotels but now they’ve become my second home.

But I wanted to share some thoughts and tips for my younger readers, or anyone who doesn’t like hotels.

  1. Remember hotels are SAFE! Most hotels now, you need passcodes or keys to use the lifts and stairs – which adds a nice extra bit of security. So when in your room, you’re safe.
  2. Make sure that your door is shut behind you and you lock the door – sometimes the lock doesn’t do anything since the door needs a key/card anyway, but it makes you feel safe.
  3. Remember to not keep to many valuables on display. Hotels like Hipark they don’t come into your room till you leave or you ask for a cleaning service, but many other hotels will come in and turn down your bed ect. This can be a time for people to steal your items. NOT SAYING ALL HOTEL STAFF WOULD! But things can happen.
  4. Always make sure to not throw all your stuff around your room, try and keep your room tidy because you might loose something under the bed or put something in the closet and forget.
  5. Make sure to keep your card key in a safe place and away from any contactless cards. I’ve heard that can affect your keys and cause problems. I try and put it in a safe place. Also if you can, don’t use the little card pocket they write your number on. Remember your room number and leave it in your room. If anyone steals your card, they won’t know what room it is.
  6. Make sure to have all your check-in details. Some hotels don’t like not having a copy or any evidence that isn’t on your phone. Always best to have a back-up before you go.
  7. If you’re going to a new hotel, make sure to know where you’re going and what buses to get – the people at the front desk can help. If you don’t know, check google maps, that can help, or ask no forums and twitter.

That’s all I can think of right now to know. Remember, don’t be scared, be aware. It’s fun to spend some time alone in a hotel room – it’s nice and quite.

Hope this helps!

Laura, x


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