Halloween at DLP – Tips and advice – Common Questions about the Soiree!

Hello all,

So here is a quick list of the common Halloween Soiree questions I’ve seen!

Common questions:

Is it worth the money?
I’d say OF COURSE! It’s a lot of money but you’re privileged with being able to dress up in a costume, it’s in the dark, unique atmosphere, possibility of meeting rare characters, most of the people there are adults, so I’d say YES!

What time can you enter the park in a costume?
5pm with a costume/wrist-band. The Party starts around 8pm and finishes at 1pm. DO NOT TRY AND ENTER BEFORE 5PM IN YOUR COSTUME!

Do I need a wristband or can I just use my ticket?
You need a wristband. They give them out on entry  during the evening or you can get one in the day at the parks.
I’d say get one before the evening, it’ll be easier and quicker. But keep all passes, tickets and details in case.

Will there be parades/shows ect?
Yes, they normally show Dreams at 7pm for normal guests and 9pm/10pm for party guests. The Cavalcade normally runs once and the past few years they’ve done “Minnie’s Pirate Party” on the castle stage. In Discoveryland there’s a disco with dancers and a stage. In the past there’s been Tiana’s Mardi Gras show, but with BTM down. I think they’ll stay at their meet by the docks.

Is it “scary”? 
Not at all! There’s no zombies or monsters walking around. It’s perfectly fine for little ones but remember that some people might not dress according to the rules and wear fake blood and stuff. But it can be busy, so if you have little ones – think carefully if they can handle it. But it’s fun and exciting!

Will the baggage place be open? 
Yes it’s open till 15 minutes after closing, so 1:15am. (Unless different, there’ll be signs)

Do buses run late?
YES! I know all Disney hotel buses run late, the 50 bus to Val D’Europe ran till 2am last year. But OTHER hotels, make sure to check at the hotel beforehand. Most of them do – but if the last bus is at 1am, make sure you don’t miss it. There are taxi’s but they can be expensive. Same with the RER, I think the last train is just after midnight. Could have changed.

I want to dress up but worried people won’t?
DON’T BE DAFT! Lots of people dress up! I can’t give a percentage, but LOTS of people do. So don’t worry, you won’t be alone!

Will I get sweets/candy/bonbons?
Yes the cast members hand out Haribo sweets throughout the day and night! From small bags to large ones. I’ve only seen sweets, not chocolate.

Will the rides be on? 
YES the rides run throughout the night, but make sure you’re costume is suitable for the ride!

Do any of the rides change theme for Halloween/Soiree? 
No, unfortunately, the closest is last year the “Princess Pavillion” turned into the “Villains Pavillion” and The Old Hag and Gaston met guests in there. But no ride changes or anything for Halloween.

Is DREAMS different?
Nope, same as normal.

I really want to meet rare characters, will they be out?
I don’t have a clue to be honest. Over the years there have been rare characters out but this year I don’t have a clue. They’re not put in the night program so it’s just a case of running around and hoping to see someone. Most of them might around Town Square (have been in the past) or at locations (Sultan with Jasmine at their meet in Adventureland) So it’s just a case of trying and checking twitter on the night. Hopefully this year will be better!

Will the restaurants and shops be open?
Yes most of them are! Don’t want people starving! If you’re unsure, ask at City Hall.

Is there anything NOT to miss?
Honestly, not really. Ha. There’s lots of characters opportunity, rides and some shows but a part from that, a lot of things you can easily do in the day. I think the one thing you shouldn’t “miss” is the opportunity to dress up and run around the park as your favourite character! There can be some rare character meets but without knowing them, I can’t say.

Will the program be released before the night?
Normally the program is leaked a few days before, best keep an eye out online for details!

Who are the common characters you can meet?
Well, each year it changes but the past few years I’ve seen Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Aladdin, Jasmine, Peter Pan, Wendy, Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington, Merida, Villains (Maleficent, Gaston ect) Baloo, King Louie, Tiana, Naveen. However this year could be different.

Hope you find this helpful! Make sure you stay safe and enjoy!

Laura, x


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