Travelling to Disneyland Paris!

Travelling to Disneyland Paris.

Hey guys, so this is my take on travelling to Disneyland Paris, there are many ways, but I’ve only done two; Eurostar and flying. So anything else such as coach, ferry, car ect is out of my comfort zone but I’ll help you the best I can! So in this blog I want to talk about planning a trip, hotels, travel, money, ect the best I can! If there’s anything in here that’s wrong, please let me know, also this could become outdated so keep that in mind.



One of the main and most popular ways to get to Disneyland Paris is through the EuroStar. The Eurostar has 1 direct route and many non-direct routes with a change at Lille.

Direct from London to Disneyland Paris

The direct route to Disney sets off at 10:15 and arrives at DLP at 14:02. These trains CURRENTLY run on Fridays and weekend. So if you want a direct route, think about the weekend. This train is about 2h 50mins. The train leaves London and sometimes stops at Ebbsfleet and Ashford but not always and takes you through Lille but then to Disneyland Paris, no changes, you stay in your seat the entire journey.

Non-Direct through Lille and transfer to TGV

Alternatively, there are the non-direct routes, this requires a change at Lille that has a 30-minute layover, that requires no checking, baggage or anything, you simply walk off the EuroStar, up the stairs (if you’d like) wait for about 15 minutes till the train is called! Simple. No hassle. These trains are between 3hs to 4hs, some more and some less depending on the layover waiting time or the length of the two trains. Once at Lille you’ll get into the TGV, the TGV that goes to Disney normally only stops at a few stations, sometimes only CDG airport and then Disneyland Paris. (NOTE: They sometimes don’t say DLP, they say “Marne-la-Valle” or “Chessy”) The TGV drops you off at Disneyland Paris, no hassle.
The EuroStar that is NON-DIRECT 99% of the time is going to Brussels, so don’t panic! It stops at Lille for you. Along with the train sometimes stops at Ebbsfleet and Ashford, not always, check the site for more details.

London to Paris EuroStar

Another route for getting to Disneyland Paris is getting the Eurostar to Paris, then getting either the RER, taxi, bus or car to Disneyland Paris. The Eurostar trains running to Paris are more frequent and are about 2h to 2h and half hours and are all direct! Again sometimes the train will stop at Ebbsfleet and Ashford.

The cheapest a EuroStar NON DIRECT ticket will be for ONE WAY will be £36 and therefore £72 for a return. Cheapest Standard Premier is £94 one way, £188 return.

The cheapest to PARIS I’ve seen is £29 one way so £58 return.

Direct Trains to Disney could be as low as £36 if you’re lucky.

Getting from Paris to Disneyland


There are many ways to get from the centre of Paris to Disneyland, one of the most popular ways is the RER – the Paris train system. You can buy tickets on the day of travel straight to Disneyland, the journey is about 40 minutes away.

Shuttle Bus

Secondly, you can use the Disneyland Express, a bus that takes you to the park. You must reserve a place and the tickets are between 89euros and 100euros for adults and 79euros to 90euros for children depending on departure. The express do offer park tickets along with the travel too for a cheaper price. The express leaves Gare du Nord at 8:30am and arriving at Disneyland for 10am. Check the site for details.


Once at Paris you can rent a car and park at Disney and then at the hotel if you so choose! I’ve personally have never done this option but some people do – please remember that some hotels don’t have parking, some hotels charge or parking and Disney charges for parking (and the prices have recently gone up a lot)


You can also fly to Disneyland Paris, however not to the front door like the trains, there are 2 airports in the area of Disney, and the closets are CDG (Charles De Gaulle) the North Airport and Orly Airport in the south.


CDG has a connection on the TGV Trains and is only 10 minutes away from Disneyland Paris. This is the only direct train you can get from CDG, alternatively you can get the RER into Paris and then to Disney. That can take a while, but is cheaper; the TGV is shorter and more expensive.


As said above, you can take the RER from CDG to Paris and then Paris to Disneyland, it is cheaper but will take a few hours.

Shuttle Bus

Both the airports have a shuttle bus service. You must book in advance and the buses leave specific times of the day, however you can also hire a private bus service to take you to Disneyland.


Some people take a Taxi from the airports to Disneyland, however this can be expensive! To be warned! It’s about 40+ minutes away even on the fast roads.


Most airports have a car hire service that you can do, but as said before, most hotels don’t have parking, most hotels charge for parking and Disneyland will charge for parking and the prices have gone up.


Some people may choose to take the ferry over the water, either with just themselves or with a car – most take cars so you can then drive down to Disneyland, however it’ll take around 3 hours of travelling and possible toll-roads.

You could also go over the ferry without your car and get onto the TGV once in France.


The Eurotunnel is obviously the same as the Ferry, you need a car and you’ll then drive down to Disneyland, unless you park and get the train down instead.



So after hours of research and talking, that’s all the ways I can think of to get to Disneyland Paris from the UK!

I hope you found this useful!

Laura, x


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