Thoughts about the recent Halloween Soiree at Disneyland Paris.

So this year was my third Halloween party at Disneyland Paris, second dressing up, but this year I wanted to express some thoughts on the night.

Things I say have NOTHING TO DO WITH INDIVIDUALS! So don’t think “oh no I did that, she hates me” no, there’s no hate or upset expressed towards specific people.

So, this year I felt like a lot of rules were “broken” and some CMs didn’t understand those rules. I’m now just going to type as I think.


  1. A lot of people in costume were allowed in before 5pm. The rules of the night state that all adults in costume mustn’t enter the park before 5pm. Yet throughout the day and even around 4pm a lot of people were allowed in, lots of costumes of characters currently in the park. Now, I don’t hate the people who went in early, they got lucky! But I’m annoyed that people were allowed in beforehand. The cast members at the gates should have stopped those people. Alternativity I know someone who was stopped and nearly sent away for being “on the float” when that specific character was an animatronic super large section of the float.  I think the rules need to be clearer, you either let people in before 5pm like they do at the other parks around the world, or you stop all people entering. I would prefer being let in in my costume all day, but yeah.
  2. Some of us were stopped at the gates because we didn’t have our soiree ticket, but did have a wrist-band and/or annual pass/ticket. I am included in this, me and a friend went to the gates and handed over our pass (it was around 6pm) and wanted to enter the park, the CM said she needed our soiree ticket and we showed our wrist band, she said no. So you can’t get a wristband WITHOUT a ticket, so, to me that’s evidence we have one. But even so, we had our passes, we weren’t trying to get in with nothing. I believe, costume or not, the CM should have let us through without hassle with our passes. The park was STILL OPEN to the public.
  3. There weren’t enough characters around the park for the demand. Previous years, there’s been a sea of rare characters around Town Square and the park. But this year, there seemed to not be enough characters for the demand. So queues grew and some of us never met characters. Places like Jack Sparrow had just the one come out every hour basically, meeting for 30 mins, then leaving. Most of the people at the Soiree are adults and they could have easily had 2 Jacks meeting one after another. But the lack of characters (even princesses, other FCs) was yet again disappointing. I know its a scary/villains night BUT I would love to have met princesses in my outfit, or even more.
  4. All over face masked are prohibited? Not what I saw. Now I know you can’t control everyone, but at one part of the night, there was a dude in a scary clown mask covering his entire face with a “plastic” runner knife. Some of my friends weren’t let in with a freaking LightSaber due to “it being a weapon” (despite lots were) and yet this guy was walking around with a fake knife and a mask. I think there needs to be more control over guests, more security and guest-flow.


Despite all these negative thoughts, the night was, again, AMAZING! The atmosphere was amazing, music on top, parade was scary! and all the other little bits I saw were fantastic! Thumbs up! I can’t wait for next year! I hope to dress up as someone different!

Right now I can’t think of anything else to talk about, so there maybe an update if I think of more stuff.

Laura, x


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