My Walt Disney World plans!

Hello all, here’s to a good 2017! So new year, new theme ect.

So earlier this month I announced that I’ll be going to Walt Disney World this May for THE FIRST TIME!  So even though I don’t feel like my blog is popular, I wanted somewhere online to document my plans and thoughts and wishes for my trip!

So here are the basics!

  • Dates: May*
  • Hotel: The All-Star Movies Preferred Room.
  • Dining Plan: Hopefully yes, the quick-service plan. Change of plan, no dining-plan for me!
  • Flying: Virgin Atlanic / Day flight there, night flight back.
  • Staying with: Some nights Milly, or all nights! We don’t know yet!
  • Days in the parks: 7 days.
  • Magic Band Colour: Red (OBVS)
  • Disney bounding: Possibly! Milly and I might be the Step-sisters for laughs, but then again, depends on the Florida heat!
  • Park order: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, (Possibly Hollywood Studios again) finally Magic Kingdom on the last day. But probably will be park-hopping for EMHs too.
  • Vlogging?: Probably yes.

So that is all the information I currently have!

I still have to get my park tickets, I have until March for the current offer then get the dining plan if I can, hopefully won’t cause problems.

But yes, I’M SUPER EXCITED! All the times I’m bored at work and getting up at 6am I just breathe and remember that I’ll finally be walking down MainStreet, seeing the HUGE castle in the Florida sunshine and heat with Milly and crying my eyes out. Its the dream!

I’ll be posting more about my wishes, plans ect in the next coming weeks to keep the excitement going!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed!

Laura, x

(*want to keep the dates a secret, friends and family know but until it gets closer, I might announce it then!)


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