My WDW Wishlist (Part 1)

Hello everyone,

So this blog post I wanted it to be about the wishes I have for my WDW trip this coming May! I know I’ll do more of these, since I’m gonna remember stuff and learn about new things that I’ll want to do. I obviously want to do everything but here are some of the major things I want to do!

  1. Have a photo in front of Cinderella Castle! So, I don’t like photos of myself much but having that perfect photo in front of the castle is a MUST! I did get a photo in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Cal but not a solo one. The people I’m with I am no longer friends with so it hurts me to think it’s my only photo. I want photos with Milly too, obvs, but a beautiful photo would be lovely.
  2. Have another Dole Whip. I had one in Cal and it was amazing. Having the “Pineapple Whip” at DLP has filled my cravings but I miss the proper stuff!
  3. I WANNA GO TO SPLASH MOUNTAIN! So I didn’t go on SM in Cal due to the wait times, so this time, in the hot Florida heat. I wanna go on Splash Mountain.
  4. Do the coke taste test! I see countless amounts of people testing out the Coca-Cola’s from around the world and nearly throwing up from the Beverly… I wanna be one of those people!
  5. Meet as many new characters as I can! I’ve met over 100 amazing characters but I want moooorrreeee! Joy, Sadness, Nick, Judy, Tarzan, Fairy Godmother, Anna, Elsa and countless others I’ll hopefully meet! (I would add Star Wars characters but hopefully I’ll meet lots of them in April at DLP!)
  6. Eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant! I already have Lunch Reservations and I can’t wait! I don’t mind where I eat (Ballroom or West Wing) but just seeing it would be magical!
  7. Stay for the Goodnight Kiss! I’ve seen it on lots of peoples vlogs and it makes me cry so much, it was magical and I want to see it!
  8. Dance in the Move it, Shake it, Dance and Play it – Street Party! Coz why not?!
  9. See the Dapper Dans. I don’t think I saw them in Cal – so it would be nice to see them sing!
  10. See as many of the hotels as possible. I would love to see the Art of Animation Hotel and inside the Grand Floridian! God knows when I’ll squeeze them in but I’ll try!

So there’s 10 of them so far! Stay tuned for more!

Laura, x


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