My WDW Wishlist – FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! (Part 2)

Hello all,

So this could be seen as part 2 of my WDW wish list. All evening I’ve been looking over the amazing restaurants I can eat at while at WDW this May. Seeing Sarah and Lottie on their trip at the moment of typing this is reminding me that the magic is closer than I think! (Sure its still between 68 and 98 days away) BUT YOU CAN’T PLAN TOO EARLY!

So this trip I want to get the Quick Service Dining Plan! I’m not one for getting a plan at DLP due to the short stays, but at WDW I want to utilise the program, for around £200 I get 7 days worth of food money stored on my MagicBand ready! I don’t like the idea of taking lots of money with me, exchanging it, change, tips ect. So for my plans, quick-service sounds good to me!

So here are the top places I want to eat! I have 14 slots (13 really after a lunch at Be Our Guest) to fill! I’ll only be most likely eating in the 4 parks, and 1 evening when I arrive hopefully at Disney Springs, so this list will be only for restaurants at those 4 parks.

BLOG UPDATE: So, after talking with Milly and counting my pennies I’ve realised that I won’t get the cheaper Quick-Service Dining Plan after all, if I wanted it, it’ll be $49 a night! WHAT? So that means it would be around £270 for food which I can’t afford! So despite all the changes, I still want to eat at these places because I know the Table Service will be expensive, so still sticking with the cheaper quick-service places. AND I’m still going to go to Be Our Guest. If I have under $35 a day for food/drink. I’ll be okay. I’ll just have to watch my spending!

Magic Kingdom

  1. Be Our Guest – so this is going to be first since I have a booking there for a lunch! I only today realised I can get breakfast too but since I’m not a huge breakfast person, the lunch will do! All the food sounds lovely – can’t wait to try the Grey Stuff! (I hear its delicious!)
  2. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe – I love Mexican, not super spicy but I love it! I would love to just each Nachos for Lunch, but the Burrito has my name all over it!
  3. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe – Burger and fries? Doesn’t get more American than that! For a nice light but filling lunch, I think this might be the place I’ll go to!
  4. Tortuge Tavern – two words: Turkey Leg.
  5. Pinocchio Village Haus – this will give me some good DLP vibes and it looks beautiful inside! The flatbreads sounds perfect for a light lunch or just a nice late evening dinner!

Hollywood Studios

  1. ABC Commissary – Burgers and fries, again, the perfect american food! Sounds fantastic!
  2. Backlot Express – Stars Wars and food! Again more DLP vibes for these amazing Star Wars themed meals! The Dark Side Chicken an d Waflles is calling me – also do they still have cookies? =P
  3. Rosies’ All-American Cafe – A theme running through here MORE BURGERS AND FRIES! Or maybe a “salad” for a change? Ether way, sounds amazing!
  4. PizzaRizzo – Pizza. I don’t need to say anymore.
  5. Starling Rolls Cafe – the sandwiches sounds perfect for a light lunch snack!


  1. La Cantina De San Angel – Tacos! TACOS! Yes, please. As said previous, I love Mexican and this is a YES place for me!
  2. Lotus Blossom Café  – after all that american and mexican, the sound of Chinese food sounds almost cleansing. I’m worried I might not go here for the choice is limited for my palette, but I have ages to try out more Chinese delicies before heading over! But you can’t go wrong with Orange Chicken or a Beef Rice Bowl!
  3. Sommerfest – this place seems ideal for lunch, the Jumbo Pretzel sounds perfect to fill me up for the day and a cheeky dessert of Apple Strudel sounds perfect. Also – alcohol! I’m not for drinking in or around Disney but one can’t hurt! I’ll probably change my mind but we’ll see!
  4. Katsura Grill – people are recommending this left, right and centre! I feel like I’d let people down if I don’t go! The Sushi/prawns is a no-go but the noodles sound lovely! Or the chicken and beef teriyaki!
  5. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie – my connection with Paris is strong but omg the Poulet au Pistou sounds DELICIOUS!

Honestly think i’ll spend a little bit of money here on extra food! I’ll fill up on everything! I wasn’t planning on going back on my “spare day” but might do for dinner!

Animal Kingdom

  1. Aloha Isle – THE FACT I CAN’T GET IT ON THE DINING PLAN IS UPSETTING BUT MUTHA-FLUFFING DOLE WHIP PEOPLE! I’ll be willing to spend some money on a Pineapple Float!
  2. Pizzafari – Pizza, again, but who can say no to it?! The African cuisine worries me at Animal Kingdom so PIZZA IT IS!
  3. Restaurantosaurus –  back to the burger and fries but sounds perfect to me!
  4. Yak & Yeti™ Local Food Cafes – back to the Asian cuisine but more suitable for me! I might be persuaded to try some of the African cuisine but if not, I’ll stick with what I know!

So that’s all the places I wish to eat! Of course there’ll be snack areas that I’ll use but for lunches and dinners, this is it! BUT that is 19 places! (More 17 as two are more snack-based) but 4 places will have to wait for the next time!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, I hope to post more soon, I say that but I always neglect it! Hopefully the sooner it gets the more I’ll talk about it. Need to talk more about DLP too.

Ha, thanks guys!

Laura, x


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