My Rare Disneyland Paris Character Meets! Part 1!

Hello everyone!

So over my 19 trips to Disneyland Paris I’ve finally hit 100 character meets! That means over 100 different Disney characters! All my meets could be over 200 since I’ve met the same characters over and over.

So this part 1 of my list of what I believe are rare characters that I’ve met. (A lot of these characters might meet at the other parks frequently, but at Paris, its a one off or super rare!)

Before I start, this isn’t me bragging, this is just me sharing my rare characters meets over the years. Please don’t think I’m trying to “one up” everyone. Nope. Not at all!


At the 20th Anniversary day, the show put on a range of cool and entertaining “Animations” around the park, one for each land. At Adventureland, I thought that it would be just Baloo and King Louie dancing around with the brightly coloured performers and the monkeys but OUT POPS OUT MOWGLI! After the show the characters met guest and I went straight to the steps and ran towards Mowgli! He was cute and sweet and we didn’t chat much, I just wanted a photo!



At Halloween 2012 I was able to meet the rare Mulan villain; Shan-Yu. He was tall and scary but I was able to have a quick photo of him with his sword at my throat! Ha! I didn’t bother going for a hug but I’m happy since he’s such a rare character! (I heard a rumour that the reason he doesn’t meet is because a chinese woman was so scared she fainted, not sure if its true or not but I’ve heard it!)


Prince John

At Halloween 2014 I went for a short trip for my second Soriee, on the day I decided to go to see the Decent of the Stairs, an old animation at the Disneyland Hotel. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone rare, but suddendly at the top of the stairs appeared the old phoney-king of England; Prince John! I was in shock and ran straight to him, snapped a photo and became a happy bunny!



The big-ol-gator from the Princess and the Frog occationally does meets at Disneyland Paris at the Soiree! The story of this is extremely typical of Disneyland Paris. So I joined the long queue outside of the river-boat docking station. Once at the gate I was guided to onto the boat, I was asked “Who do I want to meet?” it was either Lous or Tiana with Naveen. Haven’t not met Naveen I decided on Louis (glad I did since Naveen met a lot during the spring of 2016) So I went and joined the little queue along with a few other people escorted on the boat. About 2 minutes passed when a CM came over and told us to leave as Louis was leaving. I COMPLETELY understand characters needing a break. BUT there was no need to make us leave the boat, they should have stopped us getting on then I would have gone to see Tiana/Naveen. I left in a huff. The others remained, I should have played dumb but being alone I didn’t know what to do. After a couple of minutes I saw my two friends Birgit and Thomas HEAD ONTO THE BOAT! I was shocked since they were letting people on and I JUST LEFT! I was angry, I shouted over and Birgit just said “come on with us”. Ignoring the rules (bad Laura, I know) I joined the couple back in the queue and got to meet the large gator! I seriously have no idea what happened but I got a cheeky photo and have no regrets.


Carl and Dug

On the same evening there were lots of rare characters out but all at the same time around the park! I originally started to queue for Panchito (the red rooster from The Three Caballeroes) I was about 2 meets away and he went and changed for Carl and Doug, however I can’t complain since they’re still very rare and I was happy to kill 2 birds as the saying goes!


So there we have part 1! In Part 2 I’ll be telling you about 5 more characters I’ve met over the years that are rare! One villain from the “New World” and a mighty warrior who saved China!

Thanks guys!

Laura, x


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