WDW Changes! (Nothing major)

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do a quick blog post updating about changes to my WDW trip, don’t worry, it isn’t major!

So, after talking with Milly and counting my pennies I’ve realised that I won’t get the cheaper Quick-Service Dining Plan after all, if I wanted it, it’ll be $49 a night! WHAT? So that means it would be around £270 for food which I can’t afford! So despite all the changes, I still want to eat at these places because I know the Table Service will be expensive, so still sticking with the cheaper quick-service places. AND I’m still going to go to Be Our Guest. If I have under $35 a day for food/drink. I’ll be okay. I’ll just have to watch my spending!

I probably won’t eat all the food on the dining-plan anyway, the food will be around $15 a meal so if I make sure to fill up on food – I shouldn’t need to snack much. I’m a little upset, I will be honest, I wanted a full Disney experience but I am saving so much money with Milly’s CM discount on the hotel so I can’t complain.

I am happy I can still use my Magic Band and charge the room instead of taking money with me – my end of trip bill will be huge! But I need to eat. I know the portions will be massive so that should help me – I was going to treat myself to non-dining plan snacks like a Dole Whip. So I can now really get what I want and not panicking over not spending a snack-credit.

If I had more money I’d probably bite the bullet and get one but I can’t. It was nice knowing my food was paid for in advance so I didn’t have to worry – but unfortunate things change! So there’s pro’s and con’s, mainly as well Milly would have had to get one too and since she’s a cast-member – it’s not worth it. She already gets discount! That should be re-thought over WDW! Oh well.

So just a little update for you all.

Laura, x


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