My Rare Disneyland Paris Character Meets – Part 2

Hello all,

This post is part 2 so check out part 1 here!


Randomly in the Spring of 2014, Russell from UP! Starting meeting guests on Town Square for a limited time! Sometimes he met people at the Boarding House but I was on the phone with my dad and saw him and so, as I do, I freaked out. I think I was either the last person or second to last of the morning. This was at opening or just after? Either way. Happy!


Governor Ratcliffe

Same Halloween as Shan-Yu, Disney made an effort! The villain of Disney’s Pocahontas doesn’t make appearances anymore, or much. But I was happy to see him Halloween 2012! I didn’t do much, just ran over, photo and gone!


Lewis and Wilbur Robinson

Same Halloween year, again, this time at the Soiree! I was constantly checking my phone and I saw someone tweet the boys where out. I didn’t think we’d make it so I left it. We then wondered around Discoveryland, checked out the dance party and walked back, on the way out I saw the boys from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons and Lewis (blonde) saw me and hugged me! (NO JOKE!) Maybe he watched my vlogs? Either way when Wilbur wanted a photo, the boys stared to push each other and fight! OVER ME?! WHAT?! I said now-now and they both had a photo with me together. But Wilbur gave me a hug and Lewis a even bigger one! It was lovely. Unfortunately the photo of them together came out crap – so, individual ones it is!



(PS. I was Dead Pirate Wendy BUT it was cold so I gave up on my costume

Ping aka Warrior Mulan

AGAIN THE SAME YEAR FOR HALLOWEEN! 2012! The best year! I had no idea she was going to be meeting, I walked through Fantasyland as usual and saw a huge line outside Bella Note, I thought it was normal characters but upon seeing Ping I ran and joined the queue! She was amazing and funny! A quick meet as usual but still yay! I hate my photo is extremely over exposed, I gave my friend my camera on the wrong setting. OH WELL!



Back for the 20th, same as Mowgli, they brought out rare characters for the shows! In Discoveryland Stitch and his friend Angel did an amazing show! Afterwards we got to meet the characters! Along with them Chip, Dale and Clarice did meets. Technically I was only meant to have only met 1 set of characters but I cheekily ran over to meet Clarice instead! But yay for that cute pink alien!


So that’s all I have for you today! Please come back for part 3! A few more villains and one very very very unique lost boy!

Thanks guys!

Laura, x





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