My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 4 -Frontierland)

Hello all!

Here is part 4 of “My Ideal Character Meet N Greet Locations” and this time we’re heading over to Frontierland!

I think recently there has been a bit of an improvement to Frontierland, but things will change. But it’s still nice to dream!


  1. Starting with what we know, I’d love for Tiana, Naveen and Louis to stay at their location near the boats. BUT because the boats will be coming back, they’ll have to move. But, they could have for a small chunk of the day have the characters meet on the boats, or build a small area near the river boats and have the three characters meet all the time.
  2. Over on Boot Hill I’d love for Jack and Sally to meet all year round – or even just at Halloween and Christmas. Sure it’s like I’m pushing them away, but it seems to be a nice quiet location and the “dead” thing is a nice connection. Plus I’ve seen photos of them around there before when they roamed around. I liked it.
  3. GET RID OF THE POCAHONTAS PLAYGROUND! It’s never open, instead, replace it with a meet n greet for Pocahontas – the space is large they could have lots of characters there. But something Pocahontas related is top.
  4. Over by Cowboy Cookout, have the Toy Story characters of Woody, Jessie, Bulseye and Bo-Peep! The location is ideal and it would be nice to have more of the characters.
  5. Around near the Chaparral Theathre, there’s a TONE of empty space, therefore, have Merida up there – again might seem like I’m pushing her away, but I’m thinking of space.
  6. Finally, I think a NICE AND AMAZING location would be is to have the Brother Bear bears in the small location near the theater. They have a room and outdoor area. OUT THE BEARS THERE!

So that’s my thoughts, i wanted more characters around but I couldn’t think of anymore. Overall, hope you agree.

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

Laura, x


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