My WDW Wishlist – Characters I wish to meet! (Part 3)

Hello all,

Welcome to part 3 of my WDW Wishlist! This post I want to talk about all the characters I want to meet while over at WDW. They have so many more characters than Paris and I hope to meet them all! Or just as many as I can. HOPEFULLY these characters will still be meeting when I go in May.

(Photo are not mine, obvs)


I feel like I should say something here but… Kylo-Ren. There was rumours he would meet at the new StarPort meet at DLP but all I keep hearing is just Darth Vador – so therefore I’m now just think I’ll only get to meet him at WDW. I might fangirl or get shy. It’ll be funny.

Chewbacca, BB-8 and other Star Wars Characters!

I do love Starwars, my top meet is Kylo-Ren but meeting the other characters would be lovely! I want a chewwie hug and BB-8 will be new and rolling around Hollywood Studios so yay!

Joy and Sadness

They’re both adorable and the set looks amazing! I hope they still meet, I just want to give sadness a big hug. I love Inside Out and relate to the movie so much. But they look amazing and I want to see them so bad!


Half naked man? Sign me up! HA! I hope that he says something about my accent. I might DisneyBound as Jane but better than April – get a skirt this time. BUT we’ll see. If so, I hope he’ll still be out!

Anna and Elsa

I’ve yet to meet the two new royal sisters, so I can’t wait to meet them! I’ll probably go meet them in the Sommerhaus to I can have a photo with them both together rather than separate in the Princess Fairytale Hall!

Disney Junior Pals!

Even though I’ve not watched most of the Disney Junior shows (I’m guilty to say I have) I would love to meet Princess Sophia, Doc McStuffings, Jake (If he still meets) and the newest princess Elena Of Avalor! I might be the eldest in the queue but a character is a character!

Pocahontas and Meeko 

I’ve never met the wonderful Pocahontas, so meeting her would be perfect and once I’ve met the Frozen sisters I’ll have met all the Disney Princesses! But also Meeko is so cute! He does come out at DLP sometimes but I’ve always missed him!


I wish she and her friends were meeting still, but I’ll just have to have just the sassy Tink! I love the Tinkerbell movies, I wish they’d make more! But even so I cannot wait to shrink to the size of a fairy and meet the magic of Disney herself!


Another character I’ve not met so I want to meet him! Also Atta too if shes out! But I don’t think she comes out much, I could be wrong!

Mermaid Ariel

So over at DLP she has her human legs and isn’t seen as a mermaid anymore, so I would love to meet her at her grotto with her beautiful green fin!

Jasmine and Aladdin

I love their new outfits, I didn’t at first but they’ve grown on me and I love them! I do love Aladdin and seen lots of amazing meets with him from WDW and I hope to have the same interaction!



Obviosuly I want to meet as many as I can, all the way from Alice to Woody again, but the newer the better! I want to bring my character count higher!

Laura, x


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