My WDW Purchases: PINS!


Hello all!

Welcome back to my blog, so today I wanted to share my recent pin purchases from WDW. Now, even though I have bought a lot, I wanted more. But I was “good” and didn’t. I wish I did though. Ha.

So I’ll show off each pin and my reasons why I purchased that particular pin.

  1. Mickey’s “My 1st Vist” Pin!

Well, I bought this last, literally as I was waiting for the Magical Express. I never saw it around the parks, unless I just didn’t “take it in” But I love it!

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train moving pin!

So, 1. it’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and 2. I LOVED the ride and I don’t like big rides. Loved riding it in the dark too! Plus my two favourites on the front.

3.  Beauty and the Beast Bell-Jar Pin

I love BatB, and the rose in the bell-jar pin was one of those that I saw and gasped! It’s beautiful, and the blue sections are see-through! Magical!.

4. Magic Kingdom 4th Anniversary Pin

Even though it isn’t still the 45th, I loved the castle design compared to the other pins and thought, why not? It’s pretty!

5. Kylo Ren Pin

IT’S KYLO REN NEED I SAY MORE? Ha, mainly got it for remembrance of my awesome meets. ❤ Plus that leg……….. *fans self* XD

6.  Evil Queen Heart Box Pin

I actually nearly bought this pin a few months ago on Ebay for around £25, but instead got it for $10 so, it’s a win! It’s SWatSD so, yeah!

7. Jack and Sally Heart Pin

It’s Jack and Sally, my two favourites, one of my OTPs! I HAD to buy it, it’s SO PRETTY! Plus a lot of Sally pins make her look weird, here she looks amazing.

8. All Star Resort Pin

Since there’s only 1 pin for the 3 resorts, I had to get this one. I would have preferred a All Star Movies pin but this will do to commemorate staying at the resort! Loved the hotel!

9.  Mary Poppins Pin

So I have a Jolly Holiday Pin from Paris but I’ve found they’re kinda “rare” so I HAD to get this! Plus it’s 1, pretty and 2, It’s Mary Poppins! I love her!

10. Snow White January Pin

So I couldn’t have been any luckier if I tried! January is my birth month and garnet is my birth gem, and Snow is my favourite princess! It’s a perfect match! I would have gotten it even if it wasn’t Jan but WIN! Love it! So cute and love the box!

11. Jack Boot Pin

IT’S JACK SKELLINGTON ON A GOTHIC BOOT NEED I SAY MORE? So yeah, I love me some goth boots and also I wore a new pair for my Sally DB in April, a perfect pair!

12. Merida Pin

It’s Merida, I love her, orange hair sisters! Her meet was amazing and her pins are rare in Paris or in a pack. But this is beautiful!

13. Joy and Sadness

The meet with them was beautiful, I even told Sadness of my sadness and she squeezed my hands so hard I got emotional and teary. I battle with my Joy and Sadness and it was needed to get pins of the pair.

14. Mickey / Minnie and Mary / Bert Pins

IT’S MICKEY AND MINNIE AS MARY AND BERT! DO I NEED A REASON? NO! Well, mainly coz I HAVE Mickey as Bert plush but I didn’t get Minnie as Mary and I hate myself for it.

15. Fairest one of All Mirror Pin

I saw this and thought it was a beauty, then I saw IT OPENS AND INSIDE IS A LITTLE MIRROR, therefore, I am the fairest one of all. X] It’s beautiful and well made!

16. Snow White Pin

So this and the 1st visit pin were the last 2 I bought, I thought I already had it but I didn’t want to risk it, but glad I did coz I didn’t even buy it! It’s SO PRETTY!

17. Snow White Flag Pin

This was the first pin I saw in the shop in the hotel, so pretty! Love the tassels!

18. Ear Hat Pin Booster Set

So for $28 you get 5 pins in one and it’s a mystery pack so you don’t know what you’ll get! I risked it and got Jasmine, Tiana, Groom, and 2 Steampunk style ones. Might sell or trade them and keep Tiana/Jasmine.

19. 2 pack Hidden Mickey Mystery Pin set

For the price of yellow ($13) you get 2 rare Hidden Micke pins, I got a Macroon and Figment! Might trade or sell these but not bad for $6.50 each!

AND THAT’S IT! I thought I bought more but I DID put a LOT away! I technically bought my dad a Best Dad Goofy pin as a gift and I got a Snow White pin from Milly. Plus bought 2 pins for Denise so, it might feel like more but these are all MINE! Love them all!

26 new pins!

Thanks for reading!

Check back for when I talk about my gifts and other purchases!

Laura, x


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