My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 3 – Discoveryland)

Hello all!

So here is part three of “My Ideal Character Meet n Greet Locations” and this time I want to talk about my least favourite land – Discoveryland!

I think Discoveryland is the most boring for characters. There are NO characters out. I think that should change and here are my thoughts and suggestions!


  1. I think having Buzz Lightyear meet by or around his ride is ideal, somewhere near the dead space between the ride and Cafe Hyperion. Makes sense.
  2. I think that having Baymax and Hiro in Discoveryland is AMAZING! They could meet somewhere around near Autopia as there’s lots of empty space and they could easily build a building or a covered area. I would love them to come over.
  3. I think that Stitch and Angel (his female counterpart) could meet somewhere around the boring space near Space Mountain and the other side of Cafe Hyperion. Could be near the Wall-E Statue.
  4. Mr and Mrs Incredible could easily have a meet around the Star Tours area. I think there’s lots of space around there they could easily meet. Sure they don’t have anything to do with Star Wars but the area is OPEN and boring.
  5. Darth Vader and Star Wars characters could easily have an indoor meet at the old Captain EO place, which now just plays clips of new films and shorts. Or just in the Star Tours Arcade, somewhere there.
  6. Finally, I think that it would be nice to bring back some classic characters – so I thought that having the Treasure Planet characters AND the…
  7. Meet the Robinson boys around near Nautilus (had to google that) could be interesting!

So that’s my thought for character meets around in Discoveryland, as it’s boring as hell.

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe?

Laura, x


My Beauty and the Beats (2017) REVIEW (Spoiler heavy!)

Hello all,

So today I bring you a “review” of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 2017 – I’m not very good at writing reviews so please bare with me!

So I saw the movie last night (19th March) a few days after it’s release. Now before I start I want to say that before I saw the movie I wasn’t sure where my expectations where – I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, it ties with second place with Aladdin as my favourite Disney movies. I love it so much that seeing they were doing a remake made me both angry, happy, concerned and overall – OMG!

Seeing and hearing the trailers kept these feelings the same, I was the trailers and cried and then heard Emma Watson sing and cried for the wrong reasons. I love the cast they picked (except Emma) and I couldn’t doubt Disney. I love the remakes of Cinderella and Jungle Book, so I was optimistic. But at the same time, I was hoping they wouldn’t rely solely on the fabulous music. I’ll come back to that later.

So I want to start with the good and I REALLY did enjoy the movie, there were plenty of things that I really didn’t like but some of the changes I was okay with.


So I’m not sure how to get into this, I am, btw, listening to the soundtrack as I type to keep my thoughts magical and fresh! I might do bullet points as they pop into my head, so please again bare with me.

Singing – So yes the singing would be a major factor for the movie, I really did enjoy everyone’s singing but not Emma Watson, her voice wasn’t “Belle” and I know shes not “the Belle” but it was very weak for my personal taste. I’m not still 100% with Luke Evans as Gaston, again I know he’s not “the Gaston” but a stronger deeper voice would have been better, but saying so he still did a fantastic job. Emma Thompson singing the title song was JUST AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL! Even with the cockney accent, it was soft and had warmth and love. Ewan McGregor’s French accent had be tickled from the first trailer – so I was worried about it in the singing but I KNOW he’s a FANTASTIC singer (Moulin Rogue people! WATCH IT!) And I didn’t have my doubts. But the song still had the uplifting spirit. Obviously Audra MacDonald was perf!

Story – the story was the same but different. I didn’t like bits like Gaston going out with Belle’s father and the magical book scene (see below) along with the Enchantress saving Belles father, it seemed like rather random scenes – I preferred in the original when Belle saves her father. The flow did go well and kept up with a good pace, nothing was lingering too much and it was a good amount of action, music and love.

Music – need I say anything? It’s the best.

Songs – the new songs were so beautiful, I know they wanted a more of a emotional tone for their longing, but I do like the comical nature of Human Again – it still gets the same message across. But don’t get me wrong, I love it. Beast’s Evermore OMG in the cinema I was taken aback, I was slack-jawed and wanted to stand up and clap my heart out. It was beautiful and magical – showing Beasts true feelings. Magical.

Characters – so the characters all where the same but different, Belle was more head-strong than original, Maurice more sad and not as quirky, Gaston wasn’t as a brute and more charmasic, LaFou was perfect, Beast was easily to fall in love with – he seemed more human than in the original and that was a good change, he wanted his life back, original Beast didn’t seem to give that off too much? Lumiere was better than the original in my opnion, he wanted to get more done and pushed more, Cogsworth was the same – broody and moody, Mrs Potts seemed more lovable and seemed more motherly, she loves Chip with her life and seemed to be more realistic that they “made their bed and peace with what’s happened”. The extra characters like Madame Garderobe and Maestro Cadenza where a nice and light-hearted addition to the cast. Plumette… why was she even there?

Things that bugged me-

Beast reading – I understand that they needed a common interest between Belle and Beast, so reading had to be it, I did like that HOWEVER! I loved the extra scene from Human Again where Belle teaches him to read – but again, adds more questions of “why doesn’t he know how to read” and all that. So that point is 50/50, could have been romantic and relationship building, but it was nice they could talk about books.

Plumette flying – Why does she get to fly? She’s a duster, brush, thing… I know she looks like a bird but wtf?

Ageing vs time standing still – SO I might have not realised this and passed over it in the movie, but we learn of Mr Potts and Cogsworth’s wife – did they age a few years? Did the main characters age in their cursed state? How long were they like for? Any answers would be ideal!

So, you’re telling me that Maestro Cadenza and Madame Garderobe COULD have been together? I know she sleeps all the time (why?) but I thought she couldn’t leave the room, I can see he can’t get up the stairs, but they seem to have missed each other but she could have easily left the room and seem him? THAT bugged me.

Enchantress hanging around – Why? She didn’t really need to be there, ALSO, WHY WAS SHE THERE AT THE END? THE MAGIC SHOULD HAVE COME FROM INSIDE THEM NOT FROM HER!

Only one kiss – COM’ON DISNEY! There was only one kiss in Cinderella too – like, they should have kissed again during the end dance. GRRRR!

Magical book scene, should have been between Belle and father – Yeah, again, I know that they needed more scenes to establish a connection between Belle and Beast, but I think it would have been lovely when Belle and her father are trapped for him to tell her the truth about her mother. The magical book was just random and completely unnecessary in my opinion.

The CGI didn’t look good during Be Our Guest – Personally the overall CGI of the movie wasn’t as good as I wanted, sure I’m probably getting used to the looks, with my animation background and all that, but lots of Be Our Guests just didn’t seem convincing…

The servants transformation scene was crap – Again the animation and CGI seemed to be lacking, they used rubbish camera spins and tricks to have them go from CGI to human in seconds. I thought for Disney, it was rather unacceptable.

Really wanted Gaston to scream Belle is mine – So in the animation, Gaston screams “Belle is mine!” but in this, he didn’t. He didn’t seem to be bothered by Belle in the end, he just wanted to kill the Beast. I thought he was obsessed with Belle, obviously not in the end.

Too many faffing scenes, like the gold on the ballgown – Yeah, lots of “time fillers” like when the gold is brought down from around the room and placed onto her ballgown – it served no purpose to the story or anything – it was filling in time that didn’t need to be filled in. I was getting impatient over a few seconds, yes that’s petty, but every second counts. Other scenes like in Be Our Guest with Mrs Potts on the water fountain… I pick up on things like that coz I’m weird.

Beast death with his eyes open…. Wtf?!  – SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL? THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE AND HIS EYES ARE WIDE OPEN?! I know it’s technically correct when we die, eyes stay open, but Jesus that was WAY too much!

Belle in her room – yes she did try and escape out the window, but I feel like she would have just left and said “F*CK YOU BEAST” she kinda did the original, one minute she’s in her room then shes downstairs in the kitchen. She was (i think) piratically dragged by Lumiere. I think, I don’t really remember that bit.

Okay I’m done. I might see it again in the cinema and this might all be different but first impressions, this is my thoughts!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 5 – MainStreet)

Hello all!

Welcome to part 5 of “My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet Locations” and this blog we’re heading over to MainStreet USA! I will be honest and say that nothing has really changed for MainStreet, because I like how it is now.


  1. So starting at the top, I like the idea of having Mary Poppins and Bert, and the penguins, around Town Square. They fit the location decore and I just like them being there.
  2. Over by bows and ribbons I think that Daisy could have her own meet and greet! Or any other of the main Fab 5! Honestly this was just picking anyone. But Chip and Dale could be there, Uncle Scrooge, ect.
  3. Over by the Boarding House Minnie can stay there. I like her there!
  4. Over down by Casey’s I think Marie could move there and stay down there.
  5. Popping on over to The Plaza Gardens Restuarnet, have Goofy, Pluto ect at the meet they currently have there.
  6. Also have some roaming characters around Central Plaza, so I picked Donald for the visual – but any of the fab 5 can meet around there and roam around!

So that’s it for MainStreet, again – I like the current meets they have. But some roaming characters won’t go a miss.

So, thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this small series. if you do then I’ll share my thoughts on the Walt Disney Studios!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 4 -Frontierland)

Hello all!

Here is part 4 of “My Ideal Character Meet N Greet Locations” and this time we’re heading over to Frontierland!

I think recently there has been a bit of an improvement to Frontierland, but things will change. But it’s still nice to dream!


  1. Starting with what we know, I’d love for Tiana, Naveen and Louis to stay at their location near the boats. BUT because the boats will be coming back, they’ll have to move. But, they could have for a small chunk of the day have the characters meet on the boats, or build a small area near the river boats and have the three characters meet all the time.
  2. Over on Boot Hill I’d love for Jack and Sally to meet all year round – or even just at Halloween and Christmas. Sure it’s like I’m pushing them away, but it seems to be a nice quiet location and the “dead” thing is a nice connection. Plus I’ve seen photos of them around there before when they roamed around. I liked it.
  3. GET RID OF THE POCAHONTAS PLAYGROUND! It’s never open, instead, replace it with a meet n greet for Pocahontas – the space is large they could have lots of characters there. But something Pocahontas related is top.
  4. Over by Cowboy Cookout, have the Toy Story characters of Woody, Jessie, Bulseye and Bo-Peep! The location is ideal and it would be nice to have more of the characters.
  5. Around near the Chaparral Theathre, there’s a TONE of empty space, therefore, have Merida up there – again might seem like I’m pushing her away, but I’m thinking of space.
  6. Finally, I think a NICE AND AMAZING location would be is to have the Brother Bear bears in the small location near the theater. They have a room and outdoor area. OUT THE BEARS THERE!

So that’s my thoughts, i wanted more characters around but I couldn’t think of anymore. Overall, hope you agree.

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

Laura, x

My Rare Disneyland Paris Character Meets – Part 2

Hello all,

This post is part 2 so check out part 1 here!


Randomly in the Spring of 2014, Russell from UP! Starting meeting guests on Town Square for a limited time! Sometimes he met people at the Boarding House but I was on the phone with my dad and saw him and so, as I do, I freaked out. I think I was either the last person or second to last of the morning. This was at opening or just after? Either way. Happy!


Governor Ratcliffe

Same Halloween as Shan-Yu, Disney made an effort! The villain of Disney’s Pocahontas doesn’t make appearances anymore, or much. But I was happy to see him Halloween 2012! I didn’t do much, just ran over, photo and gone!


Lewis and Wilbur Robinson

Same Halloween year, again, this time at the Soiree! I was constantly checking my phone and I saw someone tweet the boys where out. I didn’t think we’d make it so I left it. We then wondered around Discoveryland, checked out the dance party and walked back, on the way out I saw the boys from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons and Lewis (blonde) saw me and hugged me! (NO JOKE!) Maybe he watched my vlogs? Either way when Wilbur wanted a photo, the boys stared to push each other and fight! OVER ME?! WHAT?! I said now-now and they both had a photo with me together. But Wilbur gave me a hug and Lewis a even bigger one! It was lovely. Unfortunately the photo of them together came out crap – so, individual ones it is!



(PS. I was Dead Pirate Wendy BUT it was cold so I gave up on my costume

Ping aka Warrior Mulan

AGAIN THE SAME YEAR FOR HALLOWEEN! 2012! The best year! I had no idea she was going to be meeting, I walked through Fantasyland as usual and saw a huge line outside Bella Note, I thought it was normal characters but upon seeing Ping I ran and joined the queue! She was amazing and funny! A quick meet as usual but still yay! I hate my photo is extremely over exposed, I gave my friend my camera on the wrong setting. OH WELL!



Back for the 20th, same as Mowgli, they brought out rare characters for the shows! In Discoveryland Stitch and his friend Angel did an amazing show! Afterwards we got to meet the characters! Along with them Chip, Dale and Clarice did meets. Technically I was only meant to have only met 1 set of characters but I cheekily ran over to meet Clarice instead! But yay for that cute pink alien!


So that’s all I have for you today! Please come back for part 3! A few more villains and one very very very unique lost boy!

Thanks guys!

Laura, x




My Favourite Old Disney PC games!

Hello all,

So growing up, I didn’t have many friends. As a result I was always at home playing games on the PC. I’ve had PC in my life since I was born, granted it was slow and didn’t have much room but I loved it all the same. I played a lot of educational games but along with that was Disney games! We didn’t have much money when I was growing up so a lot of the games we got were bootleg DOS games. Regardless, I loved them all the same!

So here I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share some of those games I used to play!

Aladdin (SEGA) Game for PC

I loved Aladdin when I was a little girl, I used to watch the movie twice a day! So when I learnt of a game for the PC I was amazed! The graphics looked awesome and that 8bit music was to die for! The game used to crash a little bit on me but I played it non the less. I don’t think I ever finished it, but loved it!


The game is a simple side scroller – left and right controls, space to jump and alt to use your weapon. There’s no time limit on the game but very view health, you start with two lives and can gain more throughout the game. There’s chances to win extra lives and also mini-games that feature abu!

You can collect apples and gems to increase your score as you save Princess Jasmine. Collect Genie items to save your location and increase your winnings at Genie’s lottery!


The game covered a lot and there’s little features hidden throughout the game from other character references and hidden mickeys!

You can play it online here for free!

Beauty and the Beast – Be Our Guest (DOS Game)

One of my favourite games was this beautiful DOS game featuring the characters and music from Beauty and the Beast! It’s time to help the household get ready for Belle and the Beast to fall in love!

The game is in the same 16bit style, with no voices but wonderful nostalgic 8bit music from Gaston to Be Our Guest! The game features the famous stain glass windows that lead you to each game – 5 in total! The game also has two levels of difficulty – Easy and Hard



You’re guided by Chip who tells you about the game, then you can pick which game to start with. Either help Cogworth with the music in this symbol remembering game, you can help Mrs Potts bake a cake in this task game where you help get the eggs into the bowl. You can help Plumette clean the gardens of snow and collect flowers for the ball in the search game, assist Lumiere and finally you can help the Wardrobe wash the cloth to make Belles dress in a colour matching game.


Each game as a few levels to keep you going, some games are harder than others but once you’ve completed the game, Belle and the Beast fall in love!

No controls are needed except your mouse!

You can play the game here for free!

Lion King (SEGA) for PC

The next game on this list is rather popular one and that is the Lion King game for the SEGA or DOS on PC. This game is the same as the Aladdin game, a side scroller with keyboard controls. The game takes you from Simba’s youth through to his adulthood were he battles scar.

Playing this game, it always crashed on me while I played so I didn’t get very far! Annoyingly. But I’m able to play the whole thing now as an adult. Also this game is the hardest I find, the jumps are sticky and the lives are low and you easily die.


You have no points system, your goal is to complete the level without dying. You can jump on enemies or roar at them then jump on them – you can collect “bugs” as well, this helps towards your life. To the left top you have your “roar” meter, this runs low when you use your roar but does build back fast!


The game also has mini-games that feature Timone and Pumbaa, where you collect bugs as they drop the the sky. Overall fun but very frustrating!

You can play the game for free here (ignore the screen that says to type a word, just press enter)

Disney’s Hercules Game

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GAMES WAS THE HERCULES GAME! This game was amazing, it’s more than a simple side-scroller! The game has lots of amazing 3d elements from birds to even letting Herc moves forwards and backwards away from the player in the levels. The game is amazing, I can’t say it enough.


You play has Herc and start off on Phills training grounds, then you make your way to Thebes and defeat Hades! The only negative thing is the ending isn’t dramatic. Lots of your favourite characters make an appearance, and throughout the game you have Phil yelling famous lines at you – mainly GET YOUR SWORD! The game is easy to pick up, lots of enemies and lots and lots of jumping!


Later in the game you even fly on Pegasus to help defeat Hades! The game is visually amazing and the sounds are perfect! I highly recommend you play, it’s so fun and amazing for 1997! One of my favourites and even a family favourite too, my parents have played it when I was younger to help me in levels or even for themselves and they love it too!


The more you play the more you level up and gain perks from a Lighting Sword and better strength – you also collect coins, Herculade for health and even Herc-dolls! There’s also secret level passwords so if you want to start later in the game you can.


I can’t find an online version but you can safely download it from here – read the instructions on how to install! (Controls are Z-Jump, X-Sword and hold for special, C-General Punch, D-Super Punch, S-change weapon, Left/Right and then Up/Down for front and back, Space-menu)

So that’s all I have for now! Stay tuned for Part 2 of my favourite classic Disney Games!

Laura, x

Halloween at DLP – Tips and advice – Common Questions about the Soiree!

Hello all,

So here is a quick list of the common Halloween Soiree questions I’ve seen!

Common questions:

Is it worth the money?
I’d say OF COURSE! It’s a lot of money but you’re privileged with being able to dress up in a costume, it’s in the dark, unique atmosphere, possibility of meeting rare characters, most of the people there are adults, so I’d say YES!

What time can you enter the park in a costume?
5pm with a costume/wrist-band. The Party starts around 8pm and finishes at 1pm. DO NOT TRY AND ENTER BEFORE 5PM IN YOUR COSTUME!

Do I need a wristband or can I just use my ticket?
You need a wristband. They give them out on entry  during the evening or you can get one in the day at the parks.
I’d say get one before the evening, it’ll be easier and quicker. But keep all passes, tickets and details in case.

Will there be parades/shows ect?
Yes, they normally show Dreams at 7pm for normal guests and 9pm/10pm for party guests. The Cavalcade normally runs once and the past few years they’ve done “Minnie’s Pirate Party” on the castle stage. In Discoveryland there’s a disco with dancers and a stage. In the past there’s been Tiana’s Mardi Gras show, but with BTM down. I think they’ll stay at their meet by the docks.

Is it “scary”? 
Not at all! There’s no zombies or monsters walking around. It’s perfectly fine for little ones but remember that some people might not dress according to the rules and wear fake blood and stuff. But it can be busy, so if you have little ones – think carefully if they can handle it. But it’s fun and exciting!

Will the baggage place be open? 
Yes it’s open till 15 minutes after closing, so 1:15am. (Unless different, there’ll be signs)

Do buses run late?
YES! I know all Disney hotel buses run late, the 50 bus to Val D’Europe ran till 2am last year. But OTHER hotels, make sure to check at the hotel beforehand. Most of them do – but if the last bus is at 1am, make sure you don’t miss it. There are taxi’s but they can be expensive. Same with the RER, I think the last train is just after midnight. Could have changed.

I want to dress up but worried people won’t?
DON’T BE DAFT! Lots of people dress up! I can’t give a percentage, but LOTS of people do. So don’t worry, you won’t be alone!

Will I get sweets/candy/bonbons?
Yes the cast members hand out Haribo sweets throughout the day and night! From small bags to large ones. I’ve only seen sweets, not chocolate.

Will the rides be on? 
YES the rides run throughout the night, but make sure you’re costume is suitable for the ride!

Do any of the rides change theme for Halloween/Soiree? 
No, unfortunately, the closest is last year the “Princess Pavillion” turned into the “Villains Pavillion” and The Old Hag and Gaston met guests in there. But no ride changes or anything for Halloween.

Is DREAMS different?
Nope, same as normal.

I really want to meet rare characters, will they be out?
I don’t have a clue to be honest. Over the years there have been rare characters out but this year I don’t have a clue. They’re not put in the night program so it’s just a case of running around and hoping to see someone. Most of them might around Town Square (have been in the past) or at locations (Sultan with Jasmine at their meet in Adventureland) So it’s just a case of trying and checking twitter on the night. Hopefully this year will be better!

Will the restaurants and shops be open?
Yes most of them are! Don’t want people starving! If you’re unsure, ask at City Hall.

Is there anything NOT to miss?
Honestly, not really. Ha. There’s lots of characters opportunity, rides and some shows but a part from that, a lot of things you can easily do in the day. I think the one thing you shouldn’t “miss” is the opportunity to dress up and run around the park as your favourite character! There can be some rare character meets but without knowing them, I can’t say.

Will the program be released before the night?
Normally the program is leaked a few days before, best keep an eye out online for details!

Who are the common characters you can meet?
Well, each year it changes but the past few years I’ve seen Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Aladdin, Jasmine, Peter Pan, Wendy, Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington, Merida, Villains (Maleficent, Gaston ect) Baloo, King Louie, Tiana, Naveen. However this year could be different.

Hope you find this helpful! Make sure you stay safe and enjoy!

Laura, x