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My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 3 – Discoveryland)

Hello all!

So here is part three of “My Ideal Character Meet n Greet Locations” and this time I want to talk about my least favourite land – Discoveryland!

I think Discoveryland is the most boring for characters. There are NO characters out. I think that should change and here are my thoughts and suggestions!


  1. I think having Buzz Lightyear meet by or around his ride is ideal, somewhere near the dead space between the ride and Cafe Hyperion. Makes sense.
  2. I think that having Baymax and Hiro in Discoveryland is AMAZING! They could meet somewhere around near Autopia as there’s lots of empty space and they could easily build a building or a covered area. I would love them to come over.
  3. I think that Stitch and Angel (his female counterpart) could meet somewhere around the boring space near Space Mountain and the other side of Cafe Hyperion. Could be near the Wall-E Statue.
  4. Mr and Mrs Incredible could easily have a meet around the Star Tours area. I think there’s lots of space around there they could easily meet. Sure they don’t have anything to do with Star Wars but the area is OPEN and boring.
  5. Darth Vader and Star Wars characters could easily have an indoor meet at the old Captain EO place, which now just plays clips of new films and shorts. Or just in the Star Tours Arcade, somewhere there.
  6. Finally, I think that it would be nice to bring back some classic characters – so I thought that having the Treasure Planet characters AND the…
  7. Meet the Robinson boys around near Nautilus (had to google that) could be interesting!

So that’s my thought for character meets around in Discoveryland, as it’s boring as hell.

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe?

Laura, x


My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 5 – MainStreet)

Hello all!

Welcome to part 5 of “My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet Locations” and this blog we’re heading over to MainStreet USA! I will be honest and say that nothing has really changed for MainStreet, because I like how it is now.


  1. So starting at the top, I like the idea of having Mary Poppins and Bert, and the penguins, around Town Square. They fit the location decore and I just like them being there.
  2. Over by bows and ribbons I think that Daisy could have her own meet and greet! Or any other of the main Fab 5! Honestly this was just picking anyone. But Chip and Dale could be there, Uncle Scrooge, ect.
  3. Over by the Boarding House Minnie can stay there. I like her there!
  4. Over down by Casey’s I think Marie could move there and stay down there.
  5. Popping on over to The Plaza Gardens Restuarnet, have Goofy, Pluto ect at the meet they currently have there.
  6. Also have some roaming characters around Central Plaza, so I picked Donald for the visual – but any of the fab 5 can meet around there and roam around!

So that’s it for MainStreet, again – I like the current meets they have. But some roaming characters won’t go a miss.

So, thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this small series. if you do then I’ll share my thoughts on the Walt Disney Studios!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 4 -Frontierland)

Hello all!

Here is part 4 of “My Ideal Character Meet N Greet Locations” and this time we’re heading over to Frontierland!

I think recently there has been a bit of an improvement to Frontierland, but things will change. But it’s still nice to dream!


  1. Starting with what we know, I’d love for Tiana, Naveen and Louis to stay at their location near the boats. BUT because the boats will be coming back, they’ll have to move. But, they could have for a small chunk of the day have the characters meet on the boats, or build a small area near the river boats and have the three characters meet all the time.
  2. Over on Boot Hill I’d love for Jack and Sally to meet all year round – or even just at Halloween and Christmas. Sure it’s like I’m pushing them away, but it seems to be a nice quiet location and the “dead” thing is a nice connection. Plus I’ve seen photos of them around there before when they roamed around. I liked it.
  3. GET RID OF THE POCAHONTAS PLAYGROUND! It’s never open, instead, replace it with a meet n greet for Pocahontas – the space is large they could have lots of characters there. But something Pocahontas related is top.
  4. Over by Cowboy Cookout, have the Toy Story characters of Woody, Jessie, Bulseye and Bo-Peep! The location is ideal and it would be nice to have more of the characters.
  5. Around near the Chaparral Theathre, there’s a TONE of empty space, therefore, have Merida up there – again might seem like I’m pushing her away, but I’m thinking of space.
  6. Finally, I think a NICE AND AMAZING location would be is to have the Brother Bear bears in the small location near the theater. They have a room and outdoor area. OUT THE BEARS THERE!

So that’s my thoughts, i wanted more characters around but I couldn’t think of anymore. Overall, hope you agree.

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 2 – Adventureland)

Hello all! So here is PART 2 of “My Ideal Character locations” for Meet n greets! Previously I have done Fantasyland which you can check out here – but today I want to talk about Adventureland.

Adventureland has SO MANY different styles of places from Agrabah to Pirates to the jungle, it’s amazing. So, therefore, a variety of characters too!


So here are my explanations:

  1. So starting off at the top, we NEED Jack Sparrow to be around all the time! He’s one of the best characters! And I think he can move around Pirates and Blue Lagoon, there’s lots of little places he can stop – I think it’ll be perfect. OR cut back the long Pirates queue that seems COMPLETELY wasteful. I don’t know if the queues have ever been THAT long but it seems like dead space. Get rid of some of it and have a meet location for him!
  2. Next I think Mr Smee and Capt Hook can stay in the location they’re in now, I think it’s perfect. I wish they kept the deck but can’t have everything. OR have them so they have Skull Rock in the background.
  3. Over in Agrabah, Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie and Abu can stay meeting. Maybe Jafa too but, I think they should have more face characters there. Aladdin with Abu and Jasmine and Genie, or Abu and Jasmine ect. Easily stay.
  4. Over by Hakuna Mata in the Gazebo they can have back Timone and Rafiki, since they’re next to the Lion King themed restaurant, seems to make sense  (Despite I like Chip n Dale, I don’t know why they’re there)
  5. Over by Hathis we should have a Mowgli meet, or swap with Baloo and King Louie and the monkeys. But if they don’t want them right by the restaurant, there’s space to the right of the restaurant – lots of empty and unused space! Get some Jungle Book characters there!
  6. Over on Adventure Isle, they MEET JANE AND TARZAN AND TERK! Seriously, in the summer or have a nice indoor area, it’s the perfect location. Trees, a treehouse ect, it’s just understandable!
  7. Finally on the other side of Adventure Isle, there seems to be nothing there, they could have an UP meet with Russell, Dug and Carl. Since they have adventures in South America – makes sense!

So that’s what I think would be perfect in Adventureland!

Do you agree? Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know!

Laura, x

My Ideal Character Meet’n’Greet ​ Locations (Part 1 – Fantasyland)

Hello all! So I had another idea for small series talking about my ideal locations for character meet n greets over in Disneyland Paris. I’ve done the entire of the Park, I want to do the studios too – but we’ll see how this one goes.

So I think that Disneyland Paris is lacking characters. Over the years they have gotten better at having new permanent locations and more characters to meet – but I still think they could do more. So even though I say “permanent” I just think they could have them here either all year round, keep swapping them out or have them at different times of the day.

I want to start with the best land, Fantasyland.


So in Fantasyland, I think there’s plenty of places for characters to meet, either with and without a “backdrop” So let me explain my thoughts!

  1. Obviously, Mickey can stay at his location over in Meet Mickey, that’s perfect.
  2. I love the Alice meet! It’s perfect having the maze in the background and it can easily be swapped with all the Alice characters, such as the White Rabbit and the Tweedles.
  3. I think that the Mad Hatter and The March Hare can easily meet by the Doormouse. I personally met Hatter there and I liked it. Removed the chairs and have a location for a meet.
  4. I love the idea of Peter Pan and Wendy meeting near their ride, either just Wendy or just Peter Pan, but ideally together is good. I’ve met Peter there before and I liked being near the ride and hearing the music.
  5. Pinocchio and Gepetto could meet near Au Chalet, there’s a small alcove that they could have a small meeting in, and the Dumbo background would be amazing.
  6. I love the idea of Snow White with Dopey near their ride, either on the platform outside or just around there – have some music playing, or even the Evil Queen.
  7. I keep seeing the Tremain Sisters meeting outside Auberge recently and I like that, I’ve seen them personally around there before and I’ve met Lady Tremain around there too – it’s a nice location and connects with Cinderella
  8. I love the current Winnie the Pooh meet and that can stay, and change between the characters or meet more than 1 at a time.
  9. SO I love the idea of having a character meeting outside the Old Mill as there’s lots of room, and I thought that either The Fairy Godmother or Merlin could meet here! I picked the Fairy Godmother for the photo because she would be amazing.
  10. I think the Princess Pavilion should stay where it is, rumours say it’ll replace Snow Whites ride or Pinocchio – I think it can have more room if they build down the exit ramp and bring it around or behind where the (currently unused) reservation ticket area.  But Rapunzel, Aurora,
  11. Over by the Small world gates and Belle Note I think the Notre Damn characters could meet – Esmeralda, Phoebus, Quasimodo and Clopin – even be roaming characters.
  12. Gaston should be a meet all year around, he’s amazing. I like the idea of just outside Bella Note and the Fantasyland gates, just seems like a nice place.
  13. Finally I like the idea of having Belle and Beast around the well. Or any princess/prince combo – or even have Snow White there instead of outside her ride with some of the dwarfs.

So that’s my thoughts! Of course there’s SO MANY characters that could go here, but these are the ones I think will work well.

Any thoughts? Yes, no maybe?

Laura, x

My Favourite Character Meet N Greets!


SO, I am a character person. I LOVE Disney characters and I think they’re the heart of going to a Disney Park – I’ve NEVER not met someone on a trip, it’s always my goal to meet someone – either new or old, even if I’ve seen them before! I have to meet someone.

But over my 13 trips I’ve met some amazing characters, and so here are my favourite meet n greets! They are in no particular order – so they’re all equal.

Peter Pan.

When I went in July 2011, I was able to meet Peter Pan. I first technically met him and Wendy in the Studios a few days before (and I cried, I was that happy to have met him) but then I was able to meet him again before the start of his “Following the Leader” show in Adventureland (LOVED IT!) Also another amazing thing happened on that meet, my pirate husband, for anyone interested! ❤

(There is a video but its SO embarrassing, I was so nervous I didn’t speak any language, I just made a noise!) 

But despite that being an amazing meet, one month later in August I went with Ashley, an old friend, and we met Peter Pan again – but for the first time in my character meet experiences. Peter remembered me. Yes, Peter remembered me.

The actual event wasn’t recorded but we did get photos afterwards, but it was such an amazing experience!

I went over, said hello Peter! While he was signing autographs and he simply replied with “HI! How have you been? It’s been a while” or something along those lines. Now my little Disney brain was ticking over and I asked “Oh, do you remember me?” and he said “OF COURSE!” with such Peter enthusiasm that it took a while for “the penny to drop”. But once it did I felt my face drop with dumbfounded-ness, that I was like “REALLY? YOU REMEMBER ME FROM A MONTH AGO?” I said with a shaky voice. He comes over to me and said “yes, I do!” and then my little heart fluttered with shyness and I just gave him a big hug. I was so happy.

Later that day we kept going back to say hello to Peter, Wendy and the crew and during one of those meets- there was nobody around- just me, Ashley and some AMAZING meets.

So we got these photos:


But this meet also was the start of a wonderful, amazing 4 year long “friendship” between me and this amazing pirate on the left! ❤


But during this meet, we all talked about singing Mermaid with red hair. Where wer’re from, Captian Hook and all that. It was lovely and one of those moments I’d love to relive if I could!

I didn’t vlog at this point so there’s no after video of me talking about it or anything!

Joint to this meeting, I got to meet Peter again in October for my spontaneous Halloween day trip! He remembered me again, this time there was lots of people and I stood away, but he waved me over and we said hello again and held hands and had lots of hugs – but I mainly got to say goodbye. Which breaks my heart but I wasn’t sure when I was going to go back (I did in April but Peter wasn’t there) and all that. I left with tears in my eyes but got some amazing photos and even some vlog footage!

11:55 – 12:41 and 17:14 – 18:12


But Peter has always been an amazing character to meet – but these meets are special to me. ❤


So, Ariel isn’t my favourite princess but in July 2013, I was able to meet her again in the Studios with a SPECIAL person. Let’s just say that me and Ariel “swam in the same school together” (that’s also a fish pun, a group of fish is a school, ha!”)




Isn’t she beautiful!



She makes me look like a mess, but it was hot that day!

But yes, Ariel is kind and sweet, and the day before, I was able to say Hello to Cinderella on parade and and then WISHED so hard to meet Ariel the next day and I did!

She was so lovely to meet- I was hoping to meet her the year before for Halloween but I didn’t. But we won’t get into that. (Hmm) But YES! I got photos and VIDEO, we met in the group, but then when she was going to go in, she grabbed my arm and we walked together and she asked me if I was going to come back to Halloween, (I didn’t, Christmas instead) but she was kind enough to take more photos with me. I love her.


And yes I wore my California Ariel tshirt hoping to meet her. ❤


(Side note Ariel’s friend’s Disney adventure didn’t stop in Paris, she took a pumpkin carriage over to Tokyo for a year, it was amazing to see her adventures)

Mary and Bert

When I went over to LA for my 2012 class trip, we had a spare day and some of us went over to Disneyland. It was amazing. I shall do another blog post on that trip at a later date but for now, one of my best character interactions happened from the practically perfect Mary and the crazy Bert.

I was left alone on the trip a lot, I didn’t mind it really, but it was still not what I wanted, but what happened filled my heart with Disney magic so much I nearly burst.

At Disneyland, they have a show right outside the castle with Mary, Bert and the Pearly White Band – before in the day I got to meet Bert and take some photos of Mary, so that probably remembered me. I was stood right in the centre of the semi-circle around the show, with cameras and bags and jackets. A mess. But during the performance, they bring up children (and taller children, like me, Ha) into the circle and join in the show.

MARY PICKED ME AND I NEARLY DIED! The annoying this was, I was on my own, no friends to take photos and video. It was a joyous moment but sad because of no evidence.

I danced, I laughed, I was shining so bright with happiness!

After the show, I followed Mary and Bert and they were kind enough to quickly have a photo (taken by a lovely guests, thank you whoever you are!). I told them this was my first trip to Cal and Disneyland and its amazing and thanked them for this magical moment. I had hugs and I said that my friends weren’t around -so Mary told me to come back at 2pm and she’ll bring me back on.



I love you both ❤

Getting my friends to watch and the show was hard because I thought they’d walk away and not – but they did and I then got some funny photos and video of the entire show! It was amazing, and I appreciate them watching the show. Mary kept winking at me and it was just… magical. I know I keep saying it but it really really really was. Best part of my California trip!

Snow White

I have met Snow White in the past, but NOTHING like meeting her again last August/Sept on my 5th Anniversary trip! Firstly, though I have to say THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH again to Harry for getting me in the Princess Pavilion AND skipping the queue AND the free Photopass Photos. ❤ ❤ ❤

So, yeah, every other time I’ve met Snow, it wasn’t my favourite meets, just a quick hello, photo and go – she IS popular after all. But meeting her in the PP – SHE WAS PERFECT, SO BUBBLY AND PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL AND AHHH!

I got video of it and photos, but we talked about pies, and how she’s my favourite – but honestly, typed words cannot put into place what I felt so just watch the video!


(So I know that Snow’s friend isn’t at Disneyland any more which breaks my heart but thank you for the memories regardless! <3) 

Jack Skellington

OBVIOUSLY WE NEED TO HAVE JACK ON THIS LIST! I am Sally after all. =P But yes, every meet I’ve had with Jack as been perfect, making me eat leaves, taking photos, taking about his Sandy Claws costume, how his face is on my ears, how his face is on a pillow (and its terrifying) and also, how he loved my Sally costume and wishes me luck.

My favourite meet was of course when I was Sally last Halloween, but every meet as been perfect. So here are just photos!






So in my first trip back in 2010, I was able to have one of my best character meets ever. In the Studios on the second day, we bumped into Gaston as he was walking through and well, he posed for a photo and then asked for a kiss! Ha, it was amazing and I loved it so much.


Honestly, I think that this was the reason why I fell in love with character and wanted to keep coming back. ❤

(Throughout my trips, we then met Gaston’s friend a few times, as my pirate husband, Genie and then after not seeing him for a few years, Bert in April. The way he reacted to me shows me must have remembered me a little – if not. Still made me smile and cry with happiness!)


So, I did tell the story in my vlog, but I’ll re-tell it here:

On the 31st, a bunch of us were waiting for the villains and the show – before it started I went to go to the toilet and find some food and drink – I walked up towards Small World from the castle stage, through the gates, went to the loo, then headed upwards- then I was stopped in my tracks because I saw the villains coming down from the gates at SW. AND I SAW HIM! I was shocked, I stopped dead in my tracks, got some photos and then ran after them to the CM door near the pillar gates.

I said hello Gaston, he said “oh hello” back in typical Gaston fashion and pulled me in for a hug! I then WRAPPED my arms around his body and said “I’ve missed you so much Gaston” into his chest basically! I looked up at him and lovely smile and he had a slight “glint” in his eye, then turned away saying just as Gaston would “Oh yes, all the ladies love Gaston” … Ha! I said I’ll be around the corner and I’ll come back! and he said okay okay and blew me a kiss and walked away.

I then RAN LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT to friends around the corner, panting and out of breath that he was here! I was so happy.

Then when he performed on stage, he kept looking at me and pulling funny faces as he does. Ha.

Once in the meet, I was pushed to the second row and he was going through the circle – once at the front I was worried he wouldn’t have time for me, but half way around he stopped and looked at me said something like “don’t worry princess” so I was happy to know he knew I was there. Ha

Once we then met – Rachel recorded, thank you! – I told him I loved him and ti was 5 years since we last met. He seemed confused but I bet Gaston cannot remember all the meets he’s done. ha. But we had a lovely hug again, photos and he blew more kisses then left.

Obviously I watched him from afar a few times just to be in awe of him. Ha. But I was so happy to have seen him again.

9:23 – 10:03

and photos! But the video is the best!


The look of true love that is! XD

So there we have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, its made me tear up, cry and laugh! I love reliving the memories of my favourite character meets, watching viideo and being happy! ❤

Thank you guys so much!

Laura, x